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Myora Slaughter's Story

Moving from Missouri to Pennsylvania, I was terrified because I had no idea of the culture I was moving into. I was worried about many things. First, was I going to fit in with the environment of Rosemont? Second, will people even like me? I was also concerned about racial issues, knowing that I would be one of the two Black women on the softball team; many questions flew through my head: Will my team stick up for me when I feel scared? Will I be the "outcast?" But with my softball team, this transition from Missouri to Pennsylvania has been smooth and fun. I found a support system that loves me for me and tries to understand me. I can talk to anyone on the team about any challenge I have, and I don't feel like a burden. I miss Missouri so much, but I am glad to call Pennsylvania my second home, with people with whom I can be me.

Myora Slaughter