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Julia Miller's Story

Studying: MA Counseling & BA Psychology Dual Degree

I did not want to go to a big college because I don’t like large classes or speaking in front of a lot of people. The small class size was a major factor in my decision to come to Rosemont. It also has the BA in Psychology/MA in Counseling degree program, which is hard to find. I’ve started grad classes already. My courses have been online so far since I started last semester, but I feel as connected as I would if we met in person. The people in my classes are from a range of generations, and it’s interesting to hear their perspectives. Some of them are further along in their degree, so they have a lot to bring to the table. I learn a lot from both my professors and the other students. I never used to contribute to classroom discussions, but since being here, I now feel comfortable sharing my thoughts.

Julia Miller