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Casandra Antzoulatos's Story

Studying: Sociology

Before college, I felt like I knew everything and that nothing would surprise me. At the same time, I was aware that there was so much left to learn. When I came to Rosemont, I was thoroughly surprised about everything the adult world had to offer. It was even more of a shock just coming to college 30 minutes away from my hometown, finding all these new paths that I could take, and meeting so many new people. The goal of college is to learn about the world and yourself. During my time here, I’ve found the POWER of myself. I’m a sociology major, and some think that the subject is trivial because you’re studying people. But after learning about it for over three years and navigating my way through different situations, I feel like I’ve gained insight into the inner workings of our society and culture. I also feel that I have grown into a well-rounded and fully me person.

Casandra A