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Camille Leonowitz's Story

Studying: English & Communication

Going into publishing is my ultimate career goal, and it was surprisingly difficult to find local schools that offer an entire publishing program like Rosemont does. I'll be applying for the dual-degree program next year and I couldn't be more excited.”

My experience in Digital Humanities has indispensably shaped my first year here at Rosemont. In this course, a group of wonderful peers and I have been working all semester to digitize the entire catalogue of Rosemont's literary magazines, dating back 70 years. Most recently, we were lucky enough to hold Zoom conferences with two alumnae who contributed to the magazine during the late 1960s. Being a part of this project has shown me that I'm absolutely in the right place. I couldn't get this kind of experiential learning just anywhere.

In addition to Digital Humanities, all my writing-based classes thus far have been crucial in convincing me that this is the path I'm supposed to follow in life. Namely, I have Professor Katie Baker to thank for helping me to hone my skills and always being there to support me.

Camille Leonowitz