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COVID-19 Vaccination Policy and Mask Guidance

Updated 2/14/22

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Rosemont’s decisions have been carefully made to achieve one overarching goal: to safeguard the health and well-being of the Rosemont College community while continuing to carry out the College’s mission.  

We have been monitoring the community COVID-19 cases, infection rates, and positivity rates, as well as our campus community surveillance testing. For the last few weeks, levels and trends have been declining and heading in the right direction. We have always stated we would follow the numbers when making decisions regarding campus policies; therefore, we will lift the mask requirement starting February 14.

  • Masks are still encouraged but not required. 
  • Faculty may determine the mask policy for their classes. 
  • Events will be handled case-by-case regarding mask requirements.

We ask that you closely review and adhere to all safety protocols outlined below. Through our collective efforts, we can continue to provide in-person learning to our students, which is critical to our student success. We continue to ask for your collaboration, support, and recognition that plans may need to be modified as we follow the latest public health guidance. For questions, please contact 

COVID-19 Vaccination Requirements: Including Booster

All students, faculty, and staff who plan to be on campus are required to be fully vaccinated. As of February 28, 2022 this requirement includes having received an FDA approved booster shot. This requirement is in line with the CDC recommendation  that anyone 18+ should get boosted. If your six-month date falls after February 28th, please see the Wellness Center for an extension to the first eligible date for a booster.

Proof of vaccination must be submitted through the Raven Safe App before you will be permitted to move onto campus, attend class, or report for work. This free app can be easily downloaded to your mobile device through the app store

You can now submit proof of your booster shot in the Raven Safe app by selecting: 

  1. Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) on your home screen 
  2. Vaccine Passport
  3. View Passport Status
  4. Add a booster shot 

The CDC and other leading experts have been clear that vaccination is our best defense against COVID-19. There are extremely limited valid exceptions to this requirement. The only exceptions, which will be carefully evaluated, are: 

  • Medical Exemption: those individuals who can provide documentation, signed by a licensed medical doctor, stating a valid medical reason for exemption.  
  • Religious Exemption: official church doctrine outlining vaccine beliefs. 

Those who have already applied for an exemption, and were denied, are not eligible to resubmit exemption requests. 

For questions, please contact

Guidance for New Students, Faculty, and Staff 

New students, faculty, and staff must submit proof of vaccination through the Raven Safe App before they will be permitted to move onto campus, attend class, or report for work. This free app can be easily downloaded to your mobile device through the app store. 

Guidelines for Approved Exemptions Only 

Students/staff/faculty not vaccinated (approved exemptions only) must follow all requirements laid out below. Violation will result in being dismissed from campus without any refund of tuition or housing. The following highlight some key points of compliance for those who received the limited exemptions: 

  • Arrival Testing for Those with Limited Exemptions: Those who have received the limited vaccine exemptions—whether new to the campus or an already approved exemption—must submit a PCR test prior to arrival on campus. We recommend scheduling the PCR test in advance for at least 48 hours prior to your arrival but taken no more than 72 hours before arrival on campus. A negative test must be presented upon your arrival. Students must submit their negative test upon campus arrival to your residence hall. If you are staff or faculty, you must turn them into the HR office when you come to campus for the first time in the new year.      
  • Additionally, unvaccinated students will need to take a rapid test upon arrival in the residence hall — and receive a negative result — before being allowed access to your room.
  • You will be required to wear face coverings at all times while in public spaces including classrooms/student life activities and follow all CDC and PA State guidelines for non-vaccinated individuals, even if the mask mandate is lifted for the vaccinated population.  
  • Weekly testing is required. The schedule will be provided, and testing verified. Missing weekly testing without making prior arrangements to make up will result in being dismissed from campus without any refund of tuition or housing. 
  • You will be required to complete a daily submission of the Raven Safe App symptom module.  
  • If you are a residential student, you will need to pay for a single residence room, if a similarly unvaccinated roommate is not available.   

Testing and Quarantine Procedures 

Students, faculty, and staff who test positive for COVID-19 and live within 200 miles of campus will need to isolate off campus for 10 days, regardless of vaccination status if symptomatic. If you are vaccinated and have no symptoms (asymptomatic), you may return after five days but must wear your KN95 or N95 mask for an additional five days when around others. If the positive residential student lives beyond 200 miles and cannot safely return home, quarantine space will be provided.  

Contact Tracing 

Rosemont College will conduct contact tracing when a student, faculty, or staff who has been on campus receives a positive COVID-19 test result. Students, faculty, and staff who are “close contacts” and who are fully vaccinated will not need to quarantine but will be asked to mask indoors for 10 days with the ability to be released from masking if a test 3-5 days from exposure returns a negative result.  

Campus Access

All campus entrances will be open each day 5am-8pm. From 8pm-5am all those entering campus will be required to do so via the Wendover Road entrance which will be staffed by Public Safety to support campus visitors after normal business hours. Students and employees will no longer need to show their Raven Safe App vaccine verification when entering campus.   

Residence Halls  

All students—commuter and residential—may visit friends in other residence halls. Masks are no longer required in public spaces (student lounges and study areas) within the residence halls. Commuters will need to wear a mask while inside residence halls. Outside guests and overnight guests are not permitted in the residence halls at this time.  


Masking and proof of vaccination protocols for specific campus events will be handled on a case-by-case basis by event organizers and guidance will be communicated by those programs. 

Athletic Events:

Please review the spectator policies on the CSAC website for information about sporting events.