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Drug and Alcohol Resources

Alcohol and other Drug Assessment and Counseling 

The Counseling Center provides assessment and counseling for those living with substance abuse or addiction. When needed, referrals to outside treatment providers are offered. 

The Counseling Center utilizes the following tools to support students who are interested in learning more about their substance use patterns:  

  • BASICS Program: The Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention for College Students is a prevention program for college students who drink alcohol heavily and have experienced, or are at risk for, alcohol-related problems.
  • eCheckup To Go: This online assessment tool provides students with feedback on their substance use patterns and risk, as well as access to campus and community resources.  


eCheckup To Go

The Alcohol eCHECKUP TO GO will provide you with accurate information and personalized feedback about:

  • Your individual drinking pattern
  • Your risk patterns
  • Your aspirations and goals
  • Helpful resources at Rosemont College and in your community

This Alcohol eCHECKUP TO GO program was purchased for the exclusive use of, and tailored to, Rosemont College. If you are not a member of Rosemont College, please do not proceed on this site.

If you are experiencing an emergency, please contact Public Safety (610-527-1038) or call 911.