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Clubs and Organizations


Whether you want to sing in Cornelia's Choir, run for Student Government, join the Book Club, or get your ohm on with the Yoga Club, there is a student club or organization for you at Rosemont. And, the best part? If the perfect club doesn't exist yet, you can organize it yourself.

If you're interested in joining a club, be sure to stop by the Activities Fair during Welcome Week in the Fall or e-mail Any student who is looking to create a new club, should contact the Director of Leadership & Enagagement and complete the New Club Proposal FormCheck out our more than 20 clubs and organizations. There is a never a dull moment at Rosemont! 

Rosemont’s ALPFA Student Chapter creates, advances, and promotes opportunities for student members. The Chapter is managed and run by student leaders who volunteer to serve on the board, and is open to all students who can add to the mission of ALPFA.

ALPFA is a national organization that has traditionally been able to connect and inspire the next generation of Latino leaders, but ALPFA’s focus is to advance the professional development of its members. As students embark on their quest to choose a career and enhance their marketability to potential employers, ALPFA is a powerful ally to help you earn that distinction. Join the ALPFAmilia! 

ALPFA Student Chapters:
● Empower Student Leadership.
● Offer access to scholarship programs. Last year ALPFA provided over $133,000 in
scholarship awards to ALPFA student members.
● Deliver quality programs focused on professional development for students such as
professional resume review, job interview training, navigating certain industries
effectively, how to secure your first internship or full-time opportunity, etc.
● Provide access to ALPFA’s network of professional members and employers. ALPFA
has 93,000+ members across the U.S. and its partners with top firms like EY, PwC,
Accenture, JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon,
Boeing, HBO, the CIA, Vanguard, Johnson & Johnson, Coca Cola, Comcast, etc. to place
students in their companies.
● Create opportunities to network into Paid Internships and Full-time Careers.
● Assist members to attend the National Convention, regional Collegiate Symposiums and
local Student Summits.
● Aligns with the Philadelphia ALPFA Professional Chapter to provide mentorship with
local high-achieving professionals.

The Black Student Union was recreated at Rosemont College in 2016. Since then we have focused on the building of the black community, but membership is by no means limited to just the black community.

In this organization,  foster a fun and safe environment that engages our students in a discussion on issues affecting us and the surrounding communities. We hope to educate our members then challenge them to take action, whether it be internal or external. We hope to lead by example and push students to be better than their best. We hope to show past generations that we will take charge of our future, dismantle the negative stereotypes, build and secure our sense of community, and influence the world.

Our vision for BSU is to serve the Rosemont Campus with cultural, educational, and social initiatives as we aim to build leaders, promote unity and contribute to student success. That is why our theme this year is S.T.R.I.V.E., which stands for “Service, Tenacity, Reflection, Intellect, Virtue, & Excellence”. This was chosen because we want to show our students the value of serving those around us, being tenacious about our dreams until it becomes our reality and the importance of reflecting on our history as well as past failures and successes.

We also hope students grow in their personal life and leave Rosemont as integral and virtuous people. We believe these are the keys to excellence and hope that students will find value in these six words and truth in our message.

Book Club is a group centered around a love of literature. Through monthly meetings and movie nights the club members discusses the book for that month and the differences in film adaptations if available.

Through community fundraisers and book drives the club tries to do its part to enhance literacy in the greater Philadelphia area.  All Rosemont students are welcome to attend events put on by the book club.

In conjunction with the Business Department, students are given the opportunity to network with alumni and professional connections while building necessary skills and knowledge associated to business management. Open to ALL Majors.  

Rosemont College Democrats seek to promote Democratic values and progressive change both on our campus and in the greater community. The Club works to register students to vote, mobilize activists, and engage in their local and state governments. 

You do not need to be a Democrat to join and we encourage students of other parties and ideologies to attend meetings. As this is a club for everyone, we strive for the inclusivity and respect for all people. 

The College Republicans' Club of Rosemont is to make known and promote the principles of the Republican Party amongst club members; to encourage and assist in the organization and active functioning of the Republican Party at local, state, and national levels; and to develop political skills and leadership abilities among Republican students as preparation for future service by them to the party and the community.

You do not need to be a Republican to join and we encourage students of other parties and ideologies to attend meetings. As this is a club for everyone, we strive for the inclusivity and respect for all people. 

Feminists of Rosemont (F.O.R.) a sense of unity and community on campus, and to give minority students a chance to have their problems and ideas heard. F.O.R. wishes to grow safe, supportive spaces on campus for women and people of all genders, and to challenge sexism and open discussion about other issues such as race, class, religion, ethnicity, gender identity and expression, and sexuality. All members will have a voice.

Student-led organization providing an outlet and ability to develop digital, professional and creative works. Open to ALL Majors. 
The international club is not only an invitation to welcome various cultures but also a place to be active on campus. The club specifically serves the purpose to host popular events and to promote student community on campus. Through events, students will learn about various cultures around the world.
 Provides students with the opportunity to perform, direct, write, and serve in backstage positions in improvised and scripted theatrical performances on stage and in film throughout the year.
 Student led club to providing advocacy on towards unwanted sexual experiences. The group provides programming to support education on related issues as well as support for those affected by these experiences.
Quick!  Name an organization on Rosemont's campus that includes faculty members, students, staff, and administrators as equal partners? If you had trouble thinking of one, that's understandable, but if you thought of The Petaltones, congratulations!   

The Petaltones is Rosemont College's  rock and roll/jazz/funk/gospel/show tune/R&B/and sometimes country musical combo.

Our motto is "We suffer for our music. Now it's your turn."  We get together to learn new songs every year and hold a performance for the College community every April in association with Founder's Week. Our mission is simple: Anyone who has an interest in musical performance is invited to come. We do not hold auditions, so anyone with any degree of talent is welcome. And hopefully as you can see from  this paragraph, we don't take ourselves too seriously. (Well, a little seriously.) 

Over the years, we have performed more than 100 tunes (never one repeated) and have featured over thirty singers from the student body. We pride ourselves on having fun and putting out the best sound we possibly can. We see ourselves as an embodiment of the College's mission to create "a community of learners" who exhibit the "joy of learning."   

The Pre-Health Club is devoted to providing resources to students that will facilitate a successful career in healthcare. The organization strongly believes that healthcare is a universal humanitarian issue and therefore, a global concern. 

The Pre-health Club is committed to heightening awareness of healthcare issues amongst its members, and the Rosemont community at large. Members help to organize blood drives, volunteer at local hospitals, and attend lectures on health issues.

 Offers information and programs of interest to students who plan to work in the field or are interested in the field of Law. Open to ALL majors
 Q&A aims o provide allies of the LGBTQ+ community a safe space to discuss social issues, compelte community service, and plan on-campus events. 

 The Rosemont Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (RSAAC) is an organization whose main objective is to create a gateway for student-athletes of the college to take part in researching, planning, and executing ways to actively serve the surrounding community. It also stands as a voice for any feedback any student-athlete may have for the institution.

Not only does the organization look to serve the internal Rosemont College community, it also focuses heavily on ways to connect with and serve the surrounding "Main Line" area. By being active members in these communities, student-athletes are able to develop a sense of influence, which in turn develops them as leaders. 

RosePoe is a spoken word poetry club that helps those who do not have a voice develop one and those who wish to project theirs. It’s a safe space to release your most inner emotions with no judgements or harsh comments.

We acknowledge those for who they are, what they bring & how we can make the world better!. RosePoe meets once or twice a month for workshops that will focus on getting everyone prepared for the open mic night that takes place once a month in Rotwitt Theater. There will be occasional events each month

Thorn, Rosemont College's Literary and Art Magazine, provides a creative outlet for the literary and artistic works of Rosemont students, celebrating their artistic talents as a community. Members may submit poetry, prose, art, and photography to our annual magazine, which is printed in the Spring Semester.

Physical copies of Thorn are always free and distributed to students, faculty, administrators, and alumnae members. During the Fall Semester, Thorn also runs a variety of events where students can share and develop their work in the form of workshops, live readings, etc., with new events being introduced each semester!

Read the 2019 Edition Here!

Yoga Club seeks to provide harmony within the self and others through guided mediation and stretching. Yoga Club's mission is to promote the mental, physical, and spiritual well-being of all members on campus. Yoga Classes are typically held on Sunday's at 8 pm in Connelly every other week.