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Student Handbook

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Student Class Absences 

The Office of Student Life and the Dean of Students oversee and communicate to faculty excused class absence request for students. Excused absence request are ONLY for illness, death in the family, a medical emergency or a family/personal emergency. Documentation, whether it be a doctor’s note, discharge forms from a hospital, a pamphlet, etc., must be submitted to the Dean of Students to be considered as a valid excused absence request.

If a student is ill and cannot go to their own physician, they are encouraged to go to the nurse in the Wellness Center for the documentation. Documentation for absences that are given a month after the absence are NOT accepted.

Once the documentation is received and approved by the Dean of Students, the Office of Student will contact the student’s professors via Rosemont email to inform them that documentation was accepted for particular dates. Documentation cannot be approved without the dates missed.

Student Health Insurance

Full-time undergraduate Rosemont students are required to carry personal health insurance. Insurance may be provided by family health insurance plans or individual student health insurance plans. Information on Rosemont College’s health insurance plan is available in the Office of Student Life and the Wellness Center. It is the responsibility of the student to obtain and maintain such coverage.

If a student’s family has private coverage, s/he may waive enrollment in the Rosemont College sponsored plan by completing a “Waiver Form.” Without completion of an Insurance Waiver and a copy of the student’s health insurance card by the given deadlines, students will automatically be enrolled in the College plan and billed accordingly. No exceptions!

The health insurance fee is initially added to every undergraduate students’ bill until the waiver is submitted and the deadline has past. The waiver only needs to be submitted once an academic year. If a student does not submit the waiver in the fall semester by the deadline, they will be charged for that semester; however, they can still submit the waiver for the spring semester by the deadline.

The College assumes no financial responsibility for medical expenses or medical assistance incurred by students. Students enrolled in the College Plan must initially visit the Wellness Center to get a referral to an area doctor.

Student Handbook/Code of Conduct

Within the Student Handbook you will also find information that discusses policies, procedures, and expectations of you as a student. The Student Handbook also represents the obligations that we as a College have committed to you in order to maximize your success, so it is your responsibility and your right to read the information provided thoroughly. Students are encouraged to read this document as they begin each academic year.