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Feast of the Holy Trinity May 30, 2021

Jeanne Marie Hatch, SHCJ - May 30, 2021

Another glorious feast follows quickly after Pentecost and this Sunday we celebrate the Most Holy Trinity. The richness of this mystery of our faith has attracted scripture scholars and theologians for centuries. Rather than attempt to understand or explain this reality, let us simply rejoice in the precious gift of One God in three Persons sharing in a loving relationship. In the triune God we witness a perfect unity between the Father and the Son with their Holy Spirit binding all three in a community. I remember being taught that the Father creates us out of love; the Son redeems us in love and the Holy Spirit sanctifies us in the same source of love. Perhaps this is not the latest expression of current theology but a loving relationship is something we are all able to understand. And so we join in the opening prayer for Mass for Trinity Sunday: “Blest be God the Father, the Only Begotten Son of God, and also the Holy Spirit, for we have been shown merciful love.”

Perhaps the gift of shared love inin the Trinity is what we are called to celebrate today. The same three persons call each of us into their community and invite us to a deeper relationship. Our human desire to belong, to create family, friendship etc. reflects this longing to be welcomed by the Triune God into relationship. This mystery is almost too overwhelming to accept. The Apostles probably felt the same. They look to Jesus for direction and Jesus does not disappoint. He does not engage in debate and he understands those who doubt. Most importantly, Jesus sends the early followers into the world to witness by their lives to the mysterious Triune God. The same challenge and invitation are offered to us today. We are sent to witness to the love of the Blessed Trinity in our lives, among our friends and beyond our communities. We may experience doubt and discouragement but we draw strength from Paul’s letter to the Romans. He reminds us that we may cry out to God as our Abba (Daddy) and Father. May we recognize as Paul did, that we are called to be in loving relationship with our God.

The post Easter stories remind us that the Triune God’s call to discipleship comes to simple people like us. It was the women that Jesus asked to tell his Apostles of his resurrection. It was the unassuming messenger that Jesus used to recognize him, such as in Emmaus. And so he calls us on this Trinity Sunday once again to “Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. … I am with you always, until the end of the age.” This is a challenge beyond challenges! Yet, with the Triune God dwelling in us as Creator, Redeemer and Sanctifier, we cannot fail. We pray that others who seek God come to relationship with Him because of our witness to this indwelling God in our hearts. May our summertime be reinvigorating and relaxing as we renew and deepen our family and friend connections, remembering they are a shadow of the Triune God dwelling in us.

Happy Feast of the Most Holy Trinity.

Sister Jeanne, SHCJ