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Reflection: May 16, 2021

Sr. Jeanne Marie Hatch SHCJ - May 16, 2021

Seventh.Sunday of Easter

Today we observe the 7th Sunday of Easter. The Church celebrates the glorious feast of Easter for seven weeks and then turns to the feast of the Ascension. In Philadelphia, the Ascension was observed this past Thursday, May 13, forty days after Easter. Many dioceses chose the option to mark this feast on the Sunday following.

The Ascension celebrates Jesus’ missioning of the Apostles before he returns to the Father, which leaves them amazed and confused again. He makes one thing very clear and entrusts them with spreading the good news. This communication of good news has also been entrusted to us. We know how rare it is to have good communication in our modern world. For all of our technical devices, we still struggle with sharing good news. We are better at tearing down than we are at building up. May the grace of the Ascension enable us to build each other up by proclaiming good news to our world as our mission states: “have trust in and reverence for the dignity of each person.”

The 7th Sunday of Easter finds the church waiting and praying before the feast of Pentecost, the coming of the Holy Spirit. The second reading is from John where he repeats his favorite message that God is love and whoever remains in their Spirit remains in God and God in him.  What a perfect message to launch our summertime this year! While the months ahead will hopefully bring more freedom to remain in God, let us “strive to promote justice with compassion.” 

We read from John’s gospel again this Sunday. We hear of one of the rare times Jesus prays aloud for his apostles, including us. He asks his Father to keep all of us in his name, who were given to him, that we may be one with him, as he is with the Father. He actually prays that we may share his joy completely. He asks his Father to keep us safe while in this world, to consecrate us in truth, which is his word. Finally, he tells us that just as the Father sent him into the world, so he sends us. How awesome that Jesus trusts us with the same message he gave his apostles, “Go into the whole world, proclaim the good news to every creature.”  Who are the people in my life waiting for the good news?  As we pray for Holy Spirit to come, let us pray for the gift to welcome diversity and build up our community, wherever we may be.

Happy Rosemont Commencement Weekend!

Sister Jeanne, SHCJ