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Stained glass window in chapel

By Sr. Jeanne Marie Hatch, SHCJ

Reflection: October 18, 2020

Sr. Jeanne Marie Hatch SHCJ - October 16, 2020

Take some time to pray: check your priorities, mend the broken friendship, change the harsh behavior, reach out to those in need. It might amaze us that through these actions our priorities are often set straight again.

Reflection: October 11, 2020

Sr. Jeanne Marie Hatch SHCJ - October 12, 2020

The liturgy for this Sunday is packed full of fascinating readings.

Reflection: October 4, 2020

Sr. Jeanne Marie Hatch - October 02, 2020

This Sunday’s Gospel take us once again to the vineyard.

Reflection: September 27, 2020

Campus Ministry - September 27, 2020

Resuming a Sunday Tradition with a dear friend. Sr. Jeanne Marie Hatch is continuing the tradition of Sunday Reflections.