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Welcome to Rosemont College Chapel of the Immaculate Conception

We are very excited to be resuming the Sunday Mass on campus this semester! In order to ensure our shared prayer and worship is vibrant, faithful, and inclusive while still taking extra-care to protect our Rosemont community and visiting presiders, we have outlined below the simple and effective practices in place until further notice.

Sunday Liturgy and Gatherings

Our Mass schedule this semester is below. All Sunday Masses will be held in the Chapel of the Immaculate Conception at 4 p.m. and streamed on Campus Ministry's Facebook page. People of all faiths are welcome!

  • Sunday, March 7th
  • Sunday, March 14th (Hymns for March 13)
  • Sunday, March 21st
  • Sunday, March 28th, Palm Sunday Mass
  • Sunday, April 4th, Easter Sunday Mass
  • Sunday, April 11th
  • Wednesday, April 14th at 12:20 p.m., Founders' Week Mass
  • Sunday, April 18th
  • Sunday, April 25th
  • Sunday, May 2nd

If you're looking for a Catholic Mass on a Sunday not listed above, see the livestreamed Mass at St. Thomas of Villanova Parish at 9:00 a.m. and Cathedral Basilica of Sts. Peter and Paul in Philadelphia every Sunday at 11 a.m. Villanova's campus nearby will also be streaming Mass this semester at 3 p.m., 5 p.m., 7 p.m., and 9 p.m. Please check their  website for further details.

Campus Ministry still invites you to prayer and reflection every single Sunday, however! Scripture and Song, a time of prayer, music and sharing takes place throughout the semester on the remaining Sundays. These services are held at 4 p.m. in the Chapel of the Immaculate Conception and via the Campus Ministry Virtual Office.  Follow us on social media for updates. These events are also welcome to people of all faiths, and since your Campus Ministry is always eager to hear from you what would help nourish your faith and your spirit, please contact us any time with input or suggestions. We are planning to host such services on the following Sundays in the spring:


Students, staff, and faculty of all faiths are welcome as always to attend our liturgies on Sundays, but we do remind those of you who live off-campus to bring your Rosemont ID to show public safety at the gate. If you would like to join us for Mass on Sunday but are not a current student or employee, please know that you are also very welcome! In order to comply with Rosemont’s current visitor policy and chapel capacity, just contact Campus Ministry at or via Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. We’ll send our guest list to Public Safety every Friday by noon, so keep that weekly deadline in mind.


The vestibule of the chapel has hand sanitizer for your convenience, though you may of course keep and use your own sanitizer with you. We will not be providing holy water in the basins by the entrance, but of course a sign of reverence upon entering the chapel is still welcome and encouraged. Like everywhere else on campus, masks must be worn by the congregation inside the chapel and whenever gathered in worship and prayer. Every other pew has been designated to remain completely empty as well as the ends of all pews. We have also allowed for social distancing within each pew. Roommates and family members from the same household may want to sit a little closer to one another in the same pew, and that’s perfectly fine! Leaving the designated pews empty, sitting away from the aisles, and wearing masks, however, are practices that must always be followed. By doing so we can show our respect for and trust in one another.


With masks and social distancing in place, and in accordance with our archdiocesan guidelines, we are very pleased to continue to include music in our service! We do ask that the Sign of Peace, such a vital preparation for the reception of the Eucharist, be conducted while maintaining mask-use and social distancing. We will also have the distribution of the Eucharist, though we will not be receiving from the cup at this time, and we do encourage everyone who chooses to receive communion to receive in their hands rather than on their tongues.

Worshipping Safely for Everyone

Please know that you are encouraged to reach out directly to our Director of Campus Ministry, Gina Ingiosi, at with questions or concerns at any time! We’re also happy to share with you an overview of our safety practices, which build on the information above, that allow our community to worship as safely as possible:

  • Hand sanitizer is provided in the vestibule for communal use.
  • Hymnals and missalettes are retired for the time being, reducing shared-touch surfaces. Congregants may bring their own bibles.
  • All ministers and the presider will wash their hands before Mass begins and will sanitize their hands before performing their ministry.
  • The chapel is conveniently marked for social distancing for both our congregation and ministers.
  • When not performing their ministry all liturgical ministers will wear masks.
  • All congregants are asked to wear masks throughout the entire service.
  • We will refrain receiving from the cup during the celebration of the Eucharist.
  • The members of the congregation remain in their socially distanced places in the pews, and the celebrant brings the Eucharist to them during Communion.
  • All congregants are asked to leave their masks on and maintain social distancing during the procession up to the Eucharist, lower their mask just before receiving Eucharist (preferably in their hands), and then put their masks back on properly after reception.
  • All vessels used during Mass will be purified, washed, and sanitized carefully by trained ministers and staff.
  • As much as weather allows our windows and entrance doors will be open during worship.
  • Mass and liturgies will stream on our YouTube channel and recordings will also be accessible for anyone unable to join our liturgy in-person.