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Rosemont College Campus Ministry

Image of a young woman of asian descent standing in what appears to be a chapel. She wears a thick tan sweater abd a black shirt. She has shoulder-length dark hair with blonde highlights.

As a Catholic institution guided by the principles of Cornelia Connelly and the Society of the Holy Child Jesus, Rosemont College is dedicated to developing the faith and spiritual lives of all students during their transformative college years. All programs concentrate specifically on members of the community and their particular needs.

 Programming stems from the belief that faith and spirituality should be an integral part of daily living. This includes opportunities to gather in small group settings, individual mentoring and larger group meetings. These opportunities allow students to explore their own faith, ask meaningful questions and nurture their relationships (especially with God).

For more information, read about rosemont's Mission. In addition, a core element of the the Rosemont experience is serviceAs participants in the legacy of Cornelia Connelly and the Sisters of the Holy Child Jesus, Rosemont emphasizes social justice.

 Please print your application out and return it to Campus Ministry in the basement of the chapel.

2O20 Alternative Winter Break Application

Scranton, PA
January 4th to January 11th

2O20 Alternative Spring Break Application

Chesapeake Bay, PA
February 29th to March 7th

Personal Growth

Cultivating a healthy spirituality requires that we set aside sacred time to listen to God's Holy Spirit and encounter the living Lord in prayer. The religious and spiritual growth of all members of the Rosemont College Community is supported and nurtured by the Campus Ministry staff. We offer a wide variety of opportunities for members of the College to expand on their own personal religious, spiritual and prayer lives.