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Alan A. Preti, PhD

Associate Professor of Philosophy, Co-Director, Institute for Ethical Leadership and Social Responsibility

White male with dark hair wearing a brown tweed sport coat, brown and gray patterned necktie, beige shirt, and brown pants, smiling while standing in front of out of focus books on the library.

What does the Rosemont Mission mean to you?

The Rosemont Mission is a commitment to providing a solid foundation for the development of the whole person: head, hand, and heart. Each element of the Mission speaks to one or more of these aspects: the development of open and critical minds (head), fostering joy in the pursuit of knowledge and developing the ability to make reasoned moral decisions (head and heart), developing a sense of responsibility to serve others (heart and hand), and the values of dignity, diversity, justice with compassion, and care for the earth (heart). The Catholic roots and the SHCJ principles explicitly connect all three of these aspects.


If you were a shoe, what kind would you be and why?

The one on display that never gets sold—I can’t imagine someone putting their feet in me and stomping me into the ground every day until I finally get worn out and consigned to the dump.


Would you rather be trapped in an elevator with Bill Gates or Bono?

I don’t use elevators if I don’t have to—stairs are great exercise! But if forced, I’d prefer to be trapped with Bono, so I could learn some interesting guitar licks and get some tips on changing the world.


Would you rather visit Paris, France or Sydney, Australia?

I’ve been to Paris before, so Sydney would be nice.


Would you rather have two tickets to the Super Bowl or two tickets to the White House Correspondents' Dinner?

I’d rather have the Super Bowl tickets, so I could sell them on ebay and take a vacation to Sydney, Australia.

Campus Involvement: Ethics and Leadership, Curriculum Development, Presidential Lecture, Movie Series, College Events

Name 5 things you love (other than your family) or love doing?

  1. Reading
  2. Teaching
  3. Listening to J.S. Bach
  4. Learning how to play J.S. Bach
  5. Contemplating the starry skies above

What goal are you currently trying to achieve?

One goal? There are so many I don’t know where to begin. And yet, Aristotle pointed out that all our goals are directed toward one ultimate good: happiness or well-being. I’ll leave it to you to decide whether he was right!

Who or what inspires you?

A beautiful turn of phrase, literary or musical.

Where is the furthest place you have traveled?

The Chinese philosopher Laozi said that without leaving his home, he could know the whole world. I’m still working on that.

Favorite college memory? (from which college?)

Graduation (from all three)!


What advice would you give to your college self?

Stop fooling around and finish your thesis!

How would you define “values?"

Values are those ideas, ideals, or aspects of experience that are most important to us as human beings; they serve to guide our judgments and actions, shape our identity and character, and ultimately provide meaning and purpose to our lives. A life without values would not be a human life in any meaningful sense of the term.