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Jay Kolick

Director, Criminal Justice Program


How would you define “values?"

Values are our beliefs and ideals that cultivate our attitudes, behaviors, convictions, and societal norms. They help to develop character based on principles while serving as an ethical and moral compass to guide us on being a productive member of society.

What does the Rosemont Mission mean to you?

Rosemont College is an inclusive, student-centered learning environment that provides more than a degree—it provides the fundamental building blocks of life by fostering innovative thinking and problem solving. We strive to instill an enthusiasm for the global preservation and protection of all life through environmental, procedural, restorative, and social justice. 


If you were a shoe, what kind would you be and why?

Most likely a boot. Hard and rugged on the outside, comfortable, gentle, and soft on the inside, and sturdy/ supportive to those who wear it!


Would you rather be trapped in an elevator with Bill Gates or Bono?

I would rather not be trapped in the elevator!


Would you rather see Rosemont build a swimming pool or a parking garage?

Parking Garage more room for program development and expansion. Onward and upward!

Campus Involvement: Criminal Justice Program

Name 5 things you love (other than your family) or love doing?

  1. My dogs, Maggie (thirteen-year-old black lab) and Buddy, a three-year-old rescue mix
  2. Montreal
  3. Outdoors
  4. Politics
  5. Relaxation

What goal are you currently trying to achieve?

Getting the Homeland Security Master's program up and running!


Who or what inspires you?

The state of the criminal justice system inspires me to work harder to educate the minds of the front line justice practitioners and to encourage them in their power to create change, change that will reform and modernize system that can make a difference in the lives of others. Right now the system is philosophically framed as the best in the world, however, there are some components that are in desperate need of reform including sentencing, human rights, dignity, and integrity that protects everyone’s best interest. Knowing that I have the opportunity to help with that through educating students and helping them with their educational and professional development motivates me everyday.


Where is the furthest place you have traveled?

West Coast!  

  • Seattle, (Phila - Seattle) 2800.4 miles
  • Monterey, CA  (Phila - Monterey) 2971.9 miles
  • Vancouver, BC (Phila - Van) 2936.3


Favorite college memory? (from which college?)

A professor I looked up to as a student gave me two pieces of advice freshman year (day 1): “you can never take back a spoken word” and “before you make an ethical decision think about how your mother or grandmother would feel reading about it in the paper…” This professor eventually became a judge, but was indicted for political corruption. While this memory seems negative, I use it to remind myself and my students of the importance of finding your morals early on and sticking to them through out your life.

What advice would you give to your college self?

In the words of Winston Churchill “Never, never, never give up.”