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Ben Huelskamp

Assistant Dean/Director of Residence Life

Ben Huelskamp

What one thing do you wish you knew on your first interview?

That going off on a tangent with Dean Chiddick was ok…I assumed I had bombed the interview. I was wrong and that made it even easier to be part of the Rosemont Community. 

What does the Rosemont Mission mean to you?

It is a shared commitment and covenant that helps to bring this community together.


Would you rather go backward in a time machine or have the chance to see the future?

Forward…always better to see what may happen than what already has happened.


What is your favorite sandwich?

Pastrami on a wedge.


What would you like a prospective student to know most about Rosemont?

When we talk about community we really mean it. On a small campus at a small institution, Rosemont’s success is collective and means we have to support each other.

Campus Involvement: Student Affairs, Talking to the first years about the exciting moments on Rosemont's campus.

Name 5 things you love (other than your family) or love doing?

  1. Tea
  2. Creative Writing
  3. Music – Folk/Bluegrass are my jam
  4. Faith/spirituality – church geek here
  5. Modern/contemporary art


What date on your calendar are you looking forward to?

I’m looking forward to going home to Ohio in December to spend time with my family.


If you could give an award to someone, who would you give it to and why?

My parents for their incredible support…and resisting the urge to smother me throughout my childhood.

How do you celebrate your faith?

By being with other people, regardless of their beliefs.


Describe your favorite day off.

Get up early, casually getting ready, going into the city, and spending the day wondering around shops and restaurants.