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Luca  DiFranco

Communication, Junior

Luca DiFranco

How would you define “values?”

Values are components of an ideology or lifestyle that are both innate and extrinsic in human beings. We use them to develop ourselves as people and guide each of us as individuals through is our life's journey. 


What does the Rosemont Mission mean to you?

1. "Rosemont College is a community of learners..".- To me this means that the educational structure at Rosemont College, distinctive from other schools that may be much larger, is constructed to be tight-knit and personal so that students can rely either on one another or any institutional member to help them achieve success in our studies. Other institutions may have more students and faculty that are less involved in the community and therefore take away from the learning process. Here at Rosemont college, education is not an individual goal, it is a community goal.
2. "Rosemont College seeks to develop in all members of the community open and critical minds..."- means to me that not one person is left behind in the process of growing each individual into the most critical thinker they can be in preparation for life after graduation. 
3. "Rooted in Catholicism and guided by the educational principles of Cornelia Connelly and the Society of the Holy Child Jesus, Rosemont College values:..."exemplifies the belief in maintaining a strong foundation and tradition on which the institution was founded, despite all the calls for modernization in order to be successful.

If you were a shoe, what kind would you be and why?

If I were a shoe, I would probably be a "Ferragamo" loafer; the finest craftsmanship with the perfect combination of quality, comfort, and class. 

Would you rather visit Paris, France or Sydney, Australia?

This is a tough question for me to answer off the bat; coincidently, both countries are ones that I would like to visit. I always like to get a taste of both bigger cities and smaller towns of a state or country when I travel. I feel as though that allows me to experience travel both "as a tourist" and "as a local". I think I'd probably like to visit France first; it's been on my mind longer than Australia has!

Year: Junior
Campus Involvement: RSAAC President, Captain Men's Soccer Team

Name 5 things you love (other than your family) or love doing?

I love

  1. My friends
  2. The game of soccer
  3. My family's cooking
  4. The beach
  5. Just about any type of music


What goal are you currently trying to achieve?

I am currently recovering from an injury, so my goal is to get back on the playing field and help my team win the CSAC Championship for the first time in our history. 

Who or what inspires you?

Alessandro Del Piero. He was and still is my favorite professional soccer player of all time and watching him play made me want to be just like him, it isn't anything that  can be explained in words, it's just a sensation I get from seeing him on the ball and interacting with fans, players, club staff, and media. Andrea Pirlo comes in a very close second though (another professional soccer player!). And of course, although it's cliché, I have to say my family inspires me. The look on the face of a parent, sibling, uncle and aunt, or grandparent when they hear good news about me is absolutely priceless, and is a driving force for my motivation day in and day out! 

Where is the furthest place you have traveled?

I lived in Sicily when I was younger, but also vacationed in Germany for a bit.

Favorite college memory? (from which college?)

My favorite college memory would have to be from my freshman year at Rosemont when my roommate scored the game-winning goal against Marywood University and ran to the corner flag to take his shirt off to celebrate. This was a typical celebration for really any soccer player in any country, except in America, so of course, when he did this, everyone from players to coaches and fans went crazy! We both had been planning our first college-goal celebrations for a while and we both liked the idea, he just happened to score first (which meant I had to come up with something new). I can't say it wasn't still an exciting time though and a memory of a lifetime! 


What advice would you give to your college self?

Set attainable goals for yourself, always work hard, and try to remain focused on them. Many people fall behind or get lost along their journey, but stay strong and persevere to find your way if you do. Oh, and don't forget to have fun while you're at it- not because it's college and you wont have fun in "the real world", but because "hey, it's college!", and like any other thing you do, it should be at least a little fun!