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Rosemont Chapel Reveals its History

Photo from the Philadelphia Inquirer of Rosemont Chapel, focus on the stained glass windows

Rosemont's Chapel was highlighted in an article published in The Philadelphia Inquirer. Please visit the link below to read the entire story.

Since 1941, the Norman Gothic-style chapel at Rosemont College has been a place of worship for students at the Catholic school on the Main Line.

But over the last three years, the building has become something more - a place for study. Specifically, for studying the chapel itself.

Two professors, one in history, the other in studio art, have been co-teaching an honors class delving into the history of the towering, 75-year-old building that is shaped like a cross.

They have learned that it is one of only two chapels in the United States, and few in the world, that mostly feature portraits of female saints and other religious figures in its stained-glass windows. (The other is at Emmanuel College in Boston, said Michelle Moravec, the history professor.)

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Enrollment Rises at Rosemont After Big Tuition Cut

The small Catholic college on the Main Line last September announced it would cut tuition and knock an additional $1,900 off room and board in a bid to attract families scared away by college costs that had topped $46,000.

Is resetting tuition the solution

Rosemont College is resetting its sticker price to reflect the actual amount students pay.