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New programs for adult students

Rosemont College recently launched a new accelerated adult professionals program, a Bachelor of Arts degree in Applied Psychology, and is gearing up to offer several more. Building on Rosemont’s “POWER of Small,” and its reputation of understanding the unique strengths and constraints of adult college learner, Rosemont is pleased to offer these new exciting options for the non-traditional student.

The BA in Applied Psychology, new for the Fall 2019, allows adult online learners the opportunity to acquire knowledge of psychological methods and apply them to understand human behavior in corporate, professional, family, organization and community settings. Course offerings are both theoretical and applied, we provide you with the opportunity to critically examine historical and contemporary perspectives on how people think, feel, and behave. Designed to meet the needs of adult students, prepare for a full range of careers or for graduate study in counseling, psychology or related fields.

The Writing Studies Program at Rosemont, which will be offered beginning Fall 2020, offers and online Bachelor of Arts degree in Writing Studies, designed for adult students who wish to hone their writing skills and aptitude, whether for personal, creative, or professional purposes. The Writing Studies Program is designed for adults interested in pursuing a passion or career in writing. Courses may be taken by non-matriculated (non-degree seeking) students or as part of a bachelor’s degree. The program is available to students with little or no prior college credits, as well as to those who hold an Associate’s Degree in any liberal arts or related discipline. 

The Associate of Science Degree in Criminal Justice (ASCJ), pending is pending MSCHE approval,  is planned to begin during Spring 2020. While the program is available to all students interested in the field, including those with no prior college experience, it will be especially appealing to adult learners who are graduates from approved law enforcement training academies, as well as those who have completed some college credits from other institutions of higher learning who want to finish earning their associate degree in Criminal Justice. The curriculum offered on campus and online, is designed for working professionals interested in pursuing a new career in the criminal justice system, as well as for those who are already employed in the criminal justice profession desiring to upgrade their professional skills.

Two new concentrations will be added to Rosemont’s Bachelor's of Science in Business Administration Professional Studies Degree Program, effective spring 2020. In addition to the Leadership Concentration that is currently available, our new concentrations include Organizational Development and Business Communications.  Both of these new concentrations may be taken online and at IBC.

  • The Organizational Communications concentration will include courses in the Management of Human Resources, Building and Managing a Diverse Workplace, Labor Relations and Economics, Information Systems Project Management, and Financial Institutions and Markets.
  • The Business Communications concentration will include, Communications: Theories and Strategies, Critical Thinking and Writing, Organizational Communications, Intercultural Communication, and Positional Bargaining and Principled Negotiation.

Degree completion programs like these, either online or in the evenings, are a boon to adults who wish to obtain the career opportunities like better paying and higher skilled jobs available to those with bachelor’s degrees. Programs like these allow Rosemont to Cornelia Connelly’s mission of meeting the needs of the times.