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Medical student return to their Rosemont Toots

Krista Vadaketh, Heemail Kamdar, Brittney Shupp, and what Katerina Grynyshin, all memberos og the class of 2016, return to Rosemont to talk with students about their experiences in medical school

“Starting medical school is like trying to drink water from a fire hydrant. All the info is just coming at you.”

That’s what Katerina Grynyshin ’16, and current PCOM 4th year medical student, told science majors while visiting Campus recently.

Grynyshin, along with fellow class of 2016 members, turned medical students, Krista Vadaketh, Heemali Kamdar  and Brittney Shupp, shared how their Rosemont experiences, inside  and outside the classroom, led to their successes in medical school.

Grynyshin, who ran cross country while at Rosemont, stated that looking back, she is so glad she had Dr. Aikaterini Skokotas for her classes as they were very helpful on her path to become a doctor. “Rosemont gave me a great foundation. It’s great to come back to Rosemont, where it all began!”

Kamdar, part of Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine DO 4+4 Program, agreed. She is now in her final year at PCOM and is applying for residency in Pediatrics with an emphasis in gastroenterology. She said, “When it came to how well prepared I felt during medical school, I can definitely say I couldn’t be more thankful for Dr. Skokotas’s classes.

With so many new concepts being taught at an incredible fast rate in medical school, being able to recall the information from immunology, molecular genetics, and microbiology really put me at ease. The amount of depth and detail Dr. Skokotas taught those classes with really help build a strong foundation that will help any student striving to attend any grad school succeed.”

Shupp, also a 4th year at PCOM and now applying for an internal medicine residency, said, “I’ve known since 6th grade that I wanted to be a physician, so in applying to college I needed a place to get me there. Coming to Rosemont was one of the best decisions I have made. I was shy and Rosemont made me the Brittany I am today.” Her involvement with Campus Ministy service trips. Being an RA and becoming class president helped her overcome her shyness and Rosemont created a good foundation for medical school.

Vadaketh  said, “I felt that the classes I took at Rosemont were crucial to my academic success in medical school.  Immunology, molecular genetics, and biochemistry are some of the hardest classes in the medical school curriculum. However, these were all courses that I had taken during my time at Rosemont, which meant that I had a stronger foundation in these areas than most of my peers.”he was a part of Drexel University College of Medicine’s 7-Year BA/MD Program.

She was greatly involved in the Rosemont community and was valedictorian of her class. She is now in her final year at Drexel Med and is applying for residency in Internal Medicine with plans to pursue a fellowship in cardiology.

The group of four shared their recollections of their Rosemont days and and credited their ability to  transform from a undergrad to a medical student on their Rosemont Experience.  All were very involved in a variety of activities at Rosemont. Part of this was due to the small college atmosphere at Rosemont, which allowed each of them to hold leadership role. Important, too was the Rosemont faculty with both challenged and supported them on their journey. “You won’t find faculty like Rosemont’s anywhere. This was the most individualized program,” said Vadaketh.

The current students in the assembly asked for tips on negotiating medical school.  “Pay attention to mental health. Go back to who you were at Rosemont and reconnect with friends.” “Know your own limitations. You need to prioritize, so focus on time management. But also find time to make yourselk happy.”

According to Kamdar, “I think it’s really important for students considering medical school to 1) be sure this path is for you 2) know it’s okay to take some time after graduation to explore new areas of interests before attending medical school. It’s a big commitment and it will make you really understand  the meaning of growing thick skin.

I also find it really important to give your best efforts towards your college education, especially with the classes that will help you get into med school- if you prove to yourself that you can successfully master the classes with Dr. Ulrich, Dr. Skokotas, Dr. Wu, and Dr. Dumas, you’ve already completed half the battle to achieving admission into medical school. They were vital in helping us achieve our goals; if I was a current student at Rosemont trying to get into graduate school, I’d 100% make sure I took advantage of their incredible support and guidance.”