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Kudos to Rosemont

In mid-September, President Hirsh received a letter from parents of a freshman detailing their experience at a soccer game.  The letter is a strong testament to the POWER of small, so with their permission, it is included below.


Dear President Hirsh,

In mid-September, my family and I were attending a women's soccer game on campus to see my daughter, Maciana Mazzeo, compete.  Right before halftime, my aunt began to feel ill.  My husband and I thought she was overheated, due to the warm temperatures.  As my uncle and husband were attempting to get my aunt down the steps, she passed out.  What took place next exceeded all my expectations.

Immediately a man and a woman who work in the Athletic Department sprang into action.  One called for the athletic trainer who came running across the field, while the other called 911.  A fan held my aunt’s head so it was not on the concrete.  The Rosemont students who were selling shirts offered one of the shirts for my aunt to rest her head on while being checked out.  The athletic director kept fans calm and made sure the players were not affected by what was happening.  The game was at halftime and it did not resume until the EMT's arrived and had my aunt in the ambulance. An unknown fan offered his umbrella to shade my aunt and several fans offered bottles of water. 

I was concerned that my daughter would see that it was her aunt that was being taken care of, but the athletic director assured me she would make sure my daughter knew everything was ok...

In the end, my aunt suffered from heat exhaustion and decided to forego the hospital and go home with my uncle.  She recovered quickly and she can't wait to come to another game.

I cannot even begin to tell you the level of maturity, respect, and compassion everyone displayed that day.  There was no panic (other than from my husband and uncle).  All involved reacted in a calm manner.  The student workers jumped into action while the athletic trainer remained with my aunt, talking with her and keeping her calm.  The staff of the Athletic Department were really the glue that held everything together.

When my daughter, Maci, and I visited colleges last year she had her heart set on a college in Maryland.  Rosemont came into her path towards the end of her search.  We decided, on a whim, to attend an open house.  That is all it took for both of us!  We were impressed with every aspect of the College.  She immediately knew Rosemont was her home for the next 4 years.  My husband and I could not have chosen a better place for our daughter to attend.  The Power of Small is a tagline that I will remember for a long time.  My daughter says she feels like Rosemont is her second home and after Saturday, I can see why.

Please pass on my deepest gratitude to all involved on Saturday.  The compassion that was extended to my aunt will never be forgotten.

Thank you for running such a great College and promoting a positive atmosphere for the young people who are under your care.



Christa and Joe Mazzeo