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International Insights from Rosemont Publishing Students

Rosemont College brings worlds together. Meet four students in the Publishing Graduate program and how they arrived at Rosemont. Read their answers below.


Name: Mahmoud Alnakhli

Where You’re Originally From: I am originally from Saudi Arabia.

Why You Chose Rosemont: I chose Rosemont to be my college and the place from which I will get my degree because it has one of the best and rarest programs in publishing. Rosemont’s publishing program includes designing books for children and one of my main goals is to be one of the best book designers in 2020. I love reading and I love seeing people reading, especially in my country, Saudi Arabia. I believe that if we want to develop a better community or country, we should start working on the younger generation for a sophisticated future. I also believe that good books have to have good designs and covers to attract the readers and encourage them to read.

What You Are Most Looking Forward to In Your Studies: I am determined to learn about the art of designing and creating children book covers and I hope Rosemont will help me acquire the appropriate skills to achieve my goal to be a good book designer.

A Common Misconception About Your Home: My home country is Saudi Arabia; therefore, most of the people think that all the population is rich because of the oil and they do not need to work hard to earn money. The truth is we have goals and we struggle to reach our goals, but we also work hard and challenge ourselves to accomplish our goals.


Name: Haneen Besaiso

Where You’re Originally From: Palestine/Gaza

Why You Chose Rosemont: I'm impressed by the faculty's experience since they have a real, practical knowledge that will reflect on my learning. As I intend to be a publisher focusing mainly on children’s publishing, Rosemont College is a suitable place where I can achieve my dream. I believe the program they provide in publishing is unique and comprehensive.

What You Are Most Looking Forward to In Your Studies: To help the children who are traumatized by wars and/or conflicts write and get their stories published.

A Common Misconception About Your Home: When I tell people I am from Palestine/Gaza, they ask me where is this country located? I have to express it geographically or often in terms of politics – which I don't like doing. The other side of Gaza is that it has a life and its people strive to see the flowers as they truly are.

Name: Riya Gandhi

Where You’re Originally From: I am originally from India, specifically Gujarat

Why You Chose Rosemont: There are very few colleges offering this program of study. Furthermore, there are none in India. Rosemont was my choice because it is a liberal arts college. It specializes in this realm and as the tagline says, “the Power of Small.”

Offering these courses with a limited amount of students attracted me to this College instead of other big universities. I believe in individualized attention as well as the courses and majors Rosemont is offering – they are also in line with my requirements.

What You Are Most Looking Forward to In Your Studies: My ultimate goal is to become a publisher and editor. Generally, people in this field are MA in English “pass outs” in my country. But I wanted a direct approach and to learn the techniques and tools devised for the growth and development in this field.

A Common Misconception About Your Home: The most common misconception about India is that many think people in India speak “Indian.” That is incorrect. There are hundreds of languages being spoken throughout the country, from the lowest corner to the highest – 780 of them to be exact. Every region has their own dialects and that is one of the reasons why India is known as a diverse country.

Name: Carlos Pérez

Where You’re Originally From: México

Why You Chose Rosemont: I have been in Philadelphia for only one year, but it was enough to hear a lot of people recommending me to enter the program in Creative Writing and Publishing at Rosemont.

Everybody says that it is very well-connected with the publishing industry and I had found that it will provide me with important tools to perfect my writing skills. I also have to confess that I have loved Main Building since I visited for the first time. This little castle made me think, “This is a great place to write; it looks like a fairytale.”

What You Are Most Looking Forward to In Your Studies: To explore different tools, techniques, and topics to craft my writing style.

A Common Misconception About Your Home: We always judge places and/or people based on what we've heard about them. If we go and live in that place by ourselves or if we talk directly to the people, we will have a better appreciation of them. Whenever you want, you are welcome to México – I can take you around… you will love it!