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Rosemont Professor earns ‘Go for the Green’ award

For her tireless effort to promote environmental awareness and sustainable practices, Dr. Jeannette Dumas, a Rosemont College Biology professor, has earned the “Go for the Green” award in the Education Category from the Lower Merion Township Environmental Advisory Council.

The Environmental Advisory Council sponsors the annual “Go for the Green” awards in an effort to raise environmental awareness. The awards are presented to residents, businesses, organizations, and schools who have done extensive work to improve and protect our environment.

“I hope to imbue a sense of wonder about the natural world and perpetuate a ‘backyard’ conservation ethos at Rosemont College,” Dr. Dumas said. “Winning this award is important because it showcases Rosemont College’s commitment to fulfilling our mission to care for the earth.”

Dr. Dumas teaches field intensive courses with a strong emphasis on natural history and environmental issues. Her classes include Marine Biology, Evolution, Ecology, and Global Environmental Issues. She has won 12 grants and awards since she joined the Rosemont College faculty in 2012.

When she is not teaching, Dr. Dumas sponsors a student environmental club named Rosegrow: Student Environmental Action Team. The mission of the club is to promote environmental awareness and sustainable practices on campus. She is also a member of the Catholic Climate Covenant Committee of Rosemont College. This committee is part of a national organization whose mission is to engage members and partners of the Catholic Church to care for the earth, especially in the area of climate change. As a member of the College’s committee, she is currently working toward:

  • Raising funds for a master landscape plan to manage stormwater run-off
  • Purchasing shade grown coffee for campus because it preserves the habitat and biodiversity of Neotropical migratory birds.
  • Enhancing Earth Day celebrations on campus
  • Organizing internships for students interested in majoring in environmental science or studies

Since 2013, Dr. Dumas has been conducting a long term ecological study with undergraduate students at Rosemont College.  Her “Stream Team” researches the effects of storm water run-off on the diversity of macroinvertebrates inhabiting the streams and ponds on campus. Over the past five years, she has mentored twenty-one students majoring in biology, chemistry, or environmental studies. Her students have presented their research at the SEPCHE Honor’s Conference, Sigma Xi Undergraduate Research Symposium, and at the Sustainability Symposium of the Institute for Ethical Leadership and Social Responsibility at Rosemont College.

Jeannette Dumas holds a PhD in Biology from Drexel University. While at Drexel, she studied the marine ecology of rocky intertidal shores of New England. She also has a MS in Biology from the Marine Science Center of Northeastern University. She has participated in many ecological field studies, including a long-term study of seabird populations on the Farallon Islands. She has also published in the Birds of North America, a compilation of life history accounts of all North American bird species.

Dr. Dumas