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Business Students participate in Entrepreneur Incubator Program

This year, Jennifer Zoga, Assistant Professor in the Business Department at Rosemont College is piloting a Start Your Business Incubator program. Designed for students who are serious and ready to become entrepreneurs, Zoga interviewed and accepted this year's cohort of three who are working throughout the fall semester to write their business and financial plans and prototype their Minimum Viable Products (MVP). Zoga hopes that students will complete the incubator process this winter and will be prepared with a pitch deck to network for access to capital and distribution channels in Philadelphia's startup ecosystem. 

 Kemar Reid, a senior marketing major, is using the tools from the Start Your Business incubator program to create an affordable car rental company. Reid cleverly saw an opportunity from the new crowdsourcing/gig economy. "My business is all about helping people become independent business owners... [It will] allow people to rent cars to work for Door-Dash, Uber, Uber Eats and other."

Krista Eisenhardt, a senior and a dual major in business and marketing, has always dreamed of owning her own wedding coordinating business. She is in the process of launching Everlasting Events to create unforgettable moments for her clients. "This incubator is a great experience, getting me prepared and finding the right path for my future." Eisenhardt recognizes that brides want to savor the entire process of planning their wedding and is creating a comprehensive experience and support service for her future clients.

Lastly, while only a sophomore, Jai'Len Jeffcoat, a communications major, joined the incubator internship program because "I see an opportunity that can greatly help me with my business idea in the comfort of my school." Also taking inspiration from the crowdsourcing gig-economy, Jeffcoat's entrepreneurial idea aims to disrupt the gas station business model. 

Zoga uses as a resource for her students in this program and hopes to grow opportunities to leverage the events and the networking platform as well. "We were ecstatic and very grateful to win the $300 Amazon gift card from We are already using it for supplies to help the new startups prototype their MVPs."