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Sociology Professor Making Most of Time Outside of Classroom

August 3, 2017 - Dr. Stanley S. Clawar, Chair of the Sociology department at Rosemont College has wasted no time since students left for summer recess in May. The professor recently received approval from the American Bar Association (ABA) to publish under the auspices of The Family Law Section. Continuing his work with the ABA, Professor Clawar plans to deliver a presentation at the Association’s Annual Meeting in mid-August in New York.


The publication, titled, “Broken Bonds-Mended Ways: Reunification – Bridge Building for Damaged Parent-Child Relationships” discusses the reunification of children and parents who have been separated for many reasons and varied lengths of time. As the sole author of the publication, the ABA will sell the book and it will also be available through Amazon for the Kindle. Coming back to campus, Professor Clawar sees the text potentially being utilized in courses on mediation, clinical sociology, and forensic sociology.

When asked how this book translates to today’s world, Professor Clawar said, “The book has wide relevance including those who are therapists, lawyers, judges, parents, and teachers.”

“It summarizes how therapy impacts everyone who has a court related therapy situation,” he added.

His presentation for the annual meeting is called “Therapy-Shmerapy" – What Works and What Doesn't: Setting up a Meaningful Plan for Change. In this presentation, Professor Clawar will present his thoughts on how to design therapeutic conditions and a plan for clients who have court related "therapy." It also shows what hasn't worked and why. His presentation has exceptional relevance as today more and more people are court-ordered in custody and abuse cases.

Professor Clawar is the Chair of the Forensic Studies and Clinical Sociology programs within Rosemont’s Undergraduate College as well as Director of the Forensic Sociology and Criminology graduate programs.

A graduate of Temple University with a B.A. in Psychology, he then went on to pursue his master’s level training in Social Psychology. His doctoral degree in Sociology is from Bryn Mawr College with post-doctoral training including the National Endowment for Humanities at the University of Virginia, National Sex Institute, Clinical Sociology Association (now the Association for Applied and Clinical Sociology), American Association of Family and Conciliation Courts, and University of Pennsylvania.

Professor Clawar teaches courses in the fields of stress and crisis intervention, forensic studies, human sexuality, marriage and family, social mediation and dispute resolution, clinical sociology, and more. Outside of campus, he is Director of Walden Counseling & Therapy Center in Bryn Mawr, which services clients and patients nationally.