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Stories of Confidence and Commitment

Rosemont College has been the beneficiary of millions of dollars in donations since the Campaign for Rosemont began in 2009. Some donations come in the forms of checks for $25, $100, or $5,000. Others are in the form of multi-year pledges totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars or millions of dollars. All have the common link - they have been generously given by donors who are confident in Rosemont's mission and the POWER of small, and who are committed to the College's future. Donate Now.



Ginny Diantonio--caucasian female in a red blazer with dark hair and glassesRosemont defined who I am as a person. It has truly been my alma mater. I attended Rosemont on a full tuition scholarship that I won by virtue of a miracle. There was only one scholarship available and I still don’t know how I beat out some of my future classmates to win it. I have always felt that God wanted me to be at Rosemont to help shape me into the person I have become. I feel strongly that I should pay this gift forward so that others can benefit as much as I have. What excites me most about Rosemont’s future is that it is having one! There is a niche for a new co-ed Rosemont based on Cornelia Connelly’s philosophy of education.

- Ginnie is the retired treasurer of the Villages of Plandome Manor and Plandome Heights, New York.


Ann and Charlie Marshall--caucasian man and woman; Ann in a Blue suit, Charlie in a brown tweed with bowtie and glassesAfter the historic decision to go co-ed, there is vitality to Rosemont. Students are playing Frisbee on the lawn, gathering in the new Ravens’  outside the renovated Cardinal Hall dining room in the evening, cheering loudly for the soccer team (on that beautiful new grey turf field) and the basketball team. We went from a little too quiet, to alive and thriving.  There is a focus on academics, recruiting serious students, and better quality of life on campus. We are watching this happen – how can we not be excited about Rosemont’s future?

Our donation to Rosemont is needed much more than any of the other academic institutions we have ever been involved with, and it is needed now – we have come so far! The decision to give to a small faith-based college to ensure its future has been crystal clear to us from the start.
- Charlie is the former President and COO, Genesse & Wyoming Inc. and Ann is a trustee of the College. Together they chair the Campaign for Rosemont College.


Caucasian male and female in golf attire, outside on a spring day with trees in the backgroundA vibrant spirit of engagement permeates the Rosemont community. Our mission and values, the Cornelian philosophy of education, a shared commitment to excellence, and how we value diversity are as evident in the Rosemont community today as they always were.  We stand humbly on the shoulders of each and every individual who has contributed, since 1921, to shaping the Rosemont of today.

I was the first in my family to go to college, and Rosemont provided me a full scholarship. My husband Kevin and I want other students to have the same opportunity that I did. Our gift honored my parents through a scholarship in their names.

- Kevin is an educator and Sharon is the director of HR, IT and Shared Services for The Wallace Foundation. Sharon serves as the secretary of Rosemont College's Board of Trustees.


Caucasian male standing and caucasian female sitting in the foyer, in front of the fireplace of Main BuildingWe are excited about Rosemont’s future because there is a perceptible energy driving Rosemont forward. The faculty and staff and students are cohesive in their desire to enhance Rosemont’s curriculum and its mission statement. Margo and I are active at Rosemont because we believe in the sincerity of the Rosemont message—one that is focused on the power of personal relationships.

- Dan is the owner of Wilkie Lexus and Margo is a trustee of Rosemont College.


Caucasian male in front of Good Counsel Hall wearing a grey suit and fuschia tie with glassesRosemont College is very special to me. Over 17 years ago, I had the opportunity to join the Board of Trustees. From that very first meeting, the mission of the Society of the Holy Child Jesus and the story of our foundress, Cornelia Connelly, inspired me to serve without hesitation. “Meeting the wants of the age,” as Cornelia said, captured my imagination.

I feel that Rosemont offers something that other institutions cannot or do not offer…it’s what we now call “the Power of small.”  The faculty and administration really do care about students and help them in many ways, large and small, in order to be successful. I’ve watched the College not only survive over time but thrive in an exciting environment.

- Ron retired as the Senior VP, Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer of K-Tron and served as the chair of the Board of Trustees for Rosemont College.


Caucasian male and female standing in front of the grand staircase in Main BuildingWe believe that there is nothing more valuable than the opportunity to learn in an intimate classroom setting versus a huge lecture hall.  The ability to know who your classmates and professors are on a personal basis is extremely beneficial in a learning environment. The POWER of small and all of the connections made through the Rosemont family give you an important network of people who will be there for you if you need them.

We want to insure that the uniqueness of Rosemont will continue. The Campaign is providing exciting physical changes on the campus, as well as changes not visible to the naked eye. The ripple effect of our gift will be felt and hopefully enjoyed for many, many years to come.
- Jeff is the founder of Sun Center Studios and Dianne is an active community volunteer.