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Meet the Campaign Chairs


Ann and Charlie Marshall, a caucasian female and male, in front of Main BuildingAnn and Charlie Marshall have been involved with and making a difference at Rosemont College for more than a decade. In this interview entitled Inspired to Lead, the Marshalls explain what motivated them to lead the campaign for Rosemont and why the need for donations is "real and immediate."

Inspired to Lead: An Interview with Ann and Charlie Marshall

Q: Why did you choose to take on such an important leadership role in this campaign?

Ann: I have been very involved with Rosemont since 2001 when I was asked to join the Buildings and Grounds Committee. In 2008 I was invited to join the Board of Trustees. Two historic events have happened in the meantime. One, the Board enlisted a strategic planning firm to help craft a far-sighted and practical strategic plan for Rosemont. Two, Sharon Latchaw Hirsh '70 became president. Not only was I able to see first-hand what the college did to meet current and future needs (among those things was to go co-ed, offer programs online and form partnerships), but also to see that President Hirsh was a strong visionary leader. However, the school needs to raise funds for the implementation of the strategic plan: for the flagship academic programs, for the endowment, and for the community center, to name a few. When Charlie and I were asked to help, I could see that we really could be a part of making this Campaign a success.

"Rosemont operates on a scale where our individual effort can make a difference. The need is real and immediate, but the size of the campaign is such that no one needs to be concerned about being lost in the crowd. Every dollar counts and every contribution will make a material difference for the Rosemont community." CHARLIE MARSHALL


Q: How important is this campaign to Rosemont, its students, faculty, staff and alumni?

Ann: The Campaign is going to mean so many things to so many people. Without this endeavor, many of the goals of the strategic plan will not come to pass. Rosemont would not be able to offer its exceptional and comprehensive learning experience to all interested and qualified women and men.

Charlie: This goes beyond raising money for scholarships. This is about raising the capital needed for infrastructure improvements, faculty and curriculum development and operating funds. Reflect, Renew, Rejoice will certainly impact everyone connected to the college in the most positive of ways.


Q: What do you say to people who think Rosemont doesn't need their financial support?

Ann: Revisit this uniquely lovely campus. Meet Rosemont students, come to alumni weekend and meet president Hirsh. After you do, you will be excited by the steps the board and the president are taking to ensure the bright future of Rosemont College. I am going to be very frank about this. These are challenging times financially for all schools. If you want your alma mater to exist and thrive through the next decades, I hope that you will participate in whatever manner is best for you in this campaign.