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Raven Peer Leaders

 Raven Peer Leaders
The Raven Peer Leader (RPL) Program at Rosemont College is designed to proactively build community at Rosemont by actualizing students’ potentials through peer mentoring. The program provides an opportunity for members of the first-year class to build community at Rosemont by making use of the mentors knowledge and support. The RPL Committee will select a group of mature and dedicated undergraduate leaders to assist with implementing the orientation program.  RPLs serve as resources for new students and family members, who are making the transition from their previous environment to the diverse academic, intellectual, and social culture of Rosemont College.
RPLs are expected to possess a specific body of knowledge about the College acquired through training and experience, and they must be sincerely interested and skillful in sharing this information with their mentees.
Selection to the Raven Peer Leader Program team is a unique honor and a rewarding opportunity for personal and professional growth.
The Raven Peer Leaders (RPLs) are here to help guide you through this new experience. Starting their training in late spring through the summer, these students have devoted their time to help you with your transition to College. Once you have completed the orientation program, the RPLs will serve as role models and sources of support to you through the remainder of your first-year experience.
Through bi-weekly intentional interactions, the RPLs will help members of your class build community at Rosemont. Please utilize their experience and ask questions.
Raven Peer Leaders
Lead by example Show their Rosemont Pride daily
Are resourceful Strengthen the Rosemont Community
Active by attending on campus events Are well rounded students