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5 Tips For Studying Abroad

Travis Marshall - October 16, 2017

Studying abroad is one of the most exciting experiences. It allows a student to see the world and earn credit towards their degree. Before seeing Paris, or studying in Ireland, there are needed steps a student should know. Here are 5 tips for studying abroad from the Student Academic Support Center.


  • Meet With Your Study Abroad Advisor - You need to research countries and programs that meet your needs. You wouldn’t want to travel across oceans only to find out that the courses won't transfer to Rosemont. You will need to do this at least a year in advance.


  • Meet with Financial Aid - Did you know Rosemont can help you to make a financial plan? You can even find scholarships for studying abroad. We all know how scary the price can be, the Office of Financial Aid is here to help you make a plan!


  • Select Your Journey - Select your destination where you will spend a semester away! Make sure to do your research about the place you will be traveling to. Now you are ready to find out all the needed information and deadlines for your application!


  • Meet with Academic Advisor - They are here to help you fit this experience into your overall graduation plan. You should always be thinking towards your overall goal! There are semester long experiences offered for the undergraduate college, and global studies offered for the School of Professional Studies and graduate programs.


  • Packing Your Bags - You did it. You did all the requirements, filled out applications, and are ready to start your journey. This is an amazing opportunity for you. It is time for you to learn about another part of the world, take classes, sight-see, and most importantly enjoy this experience you worked towards! Remember we want to see those traveling photos: #WhereIsRoco!