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Rosemont College Internships

Travis Marshall - December 21, 2017

            Rosemont Senior Nabiha Khan recently finished a three-month internship at the Defenders Association of Philadelphia—an independent, non-profit corporation that provides high quality legal services for indigent criminal defendants. The over two-hundred Assistant Defenders within this non-profit corporation represent clients in adult and juvenile state courts, at civil and criminal mental health hearings, and as child advocates for dependent and neglected children.

            During her three month internship, Nabiha was given the opportunity to visit prisons, conduct intake interviews at the Criminal Justice Center in Philadelphia, and assist clients who were transiting into drug or alcohol rehabilitation programs. “I really enjoyed the work environment,” she said. “Interns are treated as valuable members of the Defenders Association. I was responsible for many of the same tasks that the social workers and social services advocates were responsible for. Overall, it was an extremely valuable learning experience.”

            Nahia plans to return to the Defenders Association of Philadelphia for another internship in the Spring semester. For this second internship, she hopes to work in other departments, such as Child Advocacy or the Homicide Unit. “I believe that the Defenders Association of Philadelphia is a great internship opportunity for any Rosemont student that has an interest in serving others who are at a social and economic disadvantage,” she said. “I’m hoping this internship will lead to a permanent position at the Defenders Association after graduation.”