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Ke'alohilani Naone-Carter Athlete Profile

Joe Pavlow - September 10, 2019

Ke'alohilani Naone-Carter, Senior, Women’s Basketball

High School = Sterling High School
Hometown = Magnolia, NJ

Q: What is your major? 

A: Psychology with a minor in Sociology

Q: What are some of your favorite classes that you have taken so far? 

A: My favorite classes are all my Psychology courses that I have taken with Dr. Alessandri. Within these classes, I learn about the way our minds work and because of this I have learned new things about myself that have helped me grow and develop into who I am today.

Q: What are some classes that you are looking forward to this semester? 

A: I am looking forward to all my Psychology courses for the same reasons above!

Q: What is your favorite local place to eat? 

A: Outback in King of Prussia - I can never miss out on the steak and lobster special!

Q: What is the last movie you went to see? 

A: I don’t really go to the movies much, but I do remember that the last movie I went to see was Child’s Play. Even though there were lots of bad reviews, I did like the movie haha.

Q: Which bands/artists would most likely play if you set iTunes to shuffle? 

A: Chris Brown and Drake

Q: Who is your favorite professional athlete? 

A: Kelsey Plum. She’s a player that can pretty much do everything and can put the ball in the basket with ease. She is definitely one of my basketball inspirations.

Q: Please share a few thoughts about last season’s success and what the experience was like for you? 

A: Last season’s success was very intense and exciting. I hope to bring that energy back this year with my girls and finish the season with another championship win!