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Next Stop, Philadelphia

Elyssa Keating - July 27, 2017

Monday’s class wrapped up our global studies at the National University of Galway. Students presented their presentations discussing their observations of the Irish culture, the understanding of the differences between both of our governments and lastly establishing a better view of how Irish citizens view Americans and America as a country. Every group brought different observations and new details when it came to important topics that affect the Irish people with their health care and the government. Overall the presentation was very diverse with many new attention-grabbing details that well explained this unforgettable experience we have all had for the past 10 days.

After last class dismissed; students wandered off to pick up some gifts for their loved ones back home and others focused on taking care of some last-minute packing or for myself when it came to packing up I always found a way to be distracted with something else. Then upon our Tuesday departure, some students ventured back into the center of town that evening to get their last taste of the Galway culture and hear that last live band at the infamous Quays Pub. For some students, this was their first time out of the country and then others who have had other adventures overseas I believe it is safe to say that Ireland was an unforgettable experience on so many levels and to be offered as a global study course it was worth every dime. Global study is defined by the Cambridge dictionary as the study of political, economic and social situations in the world. Throughout the week between our class lectures and to experience so many different traits of the Irish culture was so much more than any of the students could have anticipated. Between having been able to learn so much not just from the Rosemont staff, the local Irish citizens and having the luxury to be located near this quaint city with such a big personality made this location the ideal for all.