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General Education

Michael Cuomo - February 12, 2016

When I first started college a lot of my schedule was made up of general education courses and I wasn’t too happy about that. “Why do I have to take an Intro to Psychology class?” I remember asking myself, “I’m a history major! I should be taking more history classes.” Then one day in class I made a connection between a topic we were discussing in one of my history classes with something I learned about in my psychology class and suddenly everything clicked. I was able to understand the topic so much better in my history class because I figured out what was happening to these people on a psychological level. I felt really smart that day.

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Introduction-Saarah Hussain

Saarah Hussain - January 11, 2016

I have been a student for the last 18 years. Preschool, elementary school, middle school, high school, college (Hey Rosemont!), and now, medical school. The anticipation and excitement surrounding back to school was, in many ways, my equivalent of Christmas morning. The new backpack! The new pens! The new notebooks! The new friends! Think of all the things I’ll learn this year! This passion for learning still exists, although now it is more like, “The new pens! The new highlighters! The packets of pathology and pharmacology that I will highlight! The crazy diseases I’ll learn about and include in a witty Facebook status that literally NO ONE understands!”.

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Friendsgiving At Rosemont

Friendsgiving 2015

Luca Difranco ‎ - November 03, 2015

With miles and hours between their actual homes, students residing in dormitories such as Connelly and Heffernan hall gathered on a Sunday evening around a second-floor lounge table to express what they were thankful for and to make the most of the chance to celebrate their personal holiday together. Each student offered a dish or material (utensils, table cloth, chairs, etc…) for the evening and time was well-spent enjoying each other’s company prepping and cooking in the basement kitchen of Connelly hall. Read More...

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