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Tawni Waters with three Rosemont Colleg graduate students

For Creative Writing Students: What Your Teacher Wishes You Knew

Tawni Waters - July 08, 2016

First of all, you are some of the best things about our lives. We love teaching you our precious craft. We love listening as you expound on the virtues (or follies) of the Hemingway, Joyce, Walker, Atwood you’ve just read. We love watching your work evolve during the time that you are with us. We love hanging out with you and hearing about your life. We love learning from you.

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Chapel made of stone while professors in graduation gowns sit in front benches. The priest sits to the right side of them

Cornelia Connelly and the Church Year

Sr. Jeanne - June 01, 2016

Every year the feasts of Pentecost, the Blessed Trinity, and Corpus Christi, and the Sacred Heart arrive on the calendar very near to Commencement, week after week. I noticed that fact many, many years ago when I was a student myself. Those feast days were a sign summer was close at last! Then as a young Religion teacher, I missed the chance to talk with students about these feasts since they were either gone or on the way out. If still there due to an early Easter, they were not willing to humor me telling them how deeply the Spirit lived within them and how amazing – to believe in one God with three natures, yet united and connected as one Love.

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Dani's Countdown

Dani's Final Days

Danielle Lelie - May 09, 2016

This is Dani's last post. This past weekend she walked across the stage and accepted the fact she did it...She graduated. Enjoy the last post of her day countdown. Rosemont College will certainly miss her, but will see her soon!

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Graduation Video

Goodbye Class of 2016

Carlos Aguilo - May 09, 2016

Some of the Class of 2016 put together a goodbye video for their fellow classmates. This was a surprise to the classmates. Please enjoy the extreme talent we are lucky enough to have on this campus.

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