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Mary Kate

'Ello from England Ravens

Mary-Kate - August 03, 2016

The Global Study trip has been amazing thus far. To be in Oxford studying and living at Christ Church College has been such an incredible opportunity. It also has been extremely humbling to be traveling with my fellow classmates and other students from other majors.

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Global Studies

Joanna - August 02, 2016

The post graduate classes have been both educational and enlightening. I find myself enjoying this scholastic adventure as an adult far more than I did as an undergrad. I've had the excellent opportunity to meet tremendous people who share the same passion for education and growth as I do.

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Mary Kate smiling in an all blue dress and gold earings, her hair is parted to the right side of her face

SGPS Global Studies

Mary-Kate Kaminski - July 18, 2016

Hello Ravens! My name is Mary-Kate and I am thrilled to take you all along for the SGPS Global Studies trip to Oxford. Students from the Undergraduate, SGPS, and University of the Science undergraduate students as well as Global Studies Staff are heading to the UK in just 17 days! We are all so very excited!

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Analyzing the Past, Studying the Present, Imagining the Future

Emily Siegel - July 18, 2016

It was an incredible experience to hear the rich scholarship on this typically marginalized group. I am so grateful to the SHCJ for encouraging me to better understand the missions and work of our own Sisters in comparison to the other Orders of Sisters in North America. I look forward to making sure the histories of Sisters of the Holy Child are projected into the future and never erased.

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