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Introduction-Saarah Hussain

Saarah Hussain - January 11, 2016

I have been a student for the last 18 years. Preschool, elementary school, middle school, high school, college (Hey Rosemont!), and now, medical school. The anticipation and excitement surrounding back to school was, in many ways, my equivalent of Christmas morning. The new backpack! The new pens! The new notebooks! The new friends! Think of all the things I’ll learn this year! This passion for learning still exists, although now it is more like, “The new pens! The new highlighters! The packets of pathology and pharmacology that I will highlight! The crazy diseases I’ll learn about and include in a witty Facebook status that literally NO ONE understands!”. As a Biology major at Rosemont in the Drexel Med BS/MD program, I quickly learned the value of hard work. I have always had a strong work ethic and have always prioritized academics, but college took it to a new level for me. Dr. Skokotas’ classes were NO JOKE, but I am forever grateful for how much I learned from them: not just about genetics and microbiology, but about how to be a student. Those lessons of diligence, responsibility, and patience have certainly paid off now that I’m in medical school. Yesterday, I had the honor of coming back to Rosemont to speak at Pre-Health Club’s career seminar. Quick side note: if you are interested AT ALL in science/healthcare/medicine, JOIN PRE-HEALTH. I did it for my freshman through junior years, and I was President of Pre-Health in my senior year. Not only does it look FAB on your resume, but you get a breadth of exposure to careers in the healthcare field. Anyways, the seminar was incredible, and it was great to be back on campus, hanging out with Dr. Skokotas, just like old times. While I enjoyed the entire experience, perhaps the most rewarding aspect was getting to come back and provide guidance to students. I remember sitting in those wooden chairs in Science 315. I remember staring at the medical student lecturer thinking, “Oh my goodness. There is no way I can make it. Are you joking? She just said that she studies 12 hours a day!”. But you know what? I did make it. I am in medical school (Go Drexel!), and I’m doing really well- not just academically, but socially, professionally, and personally. I have time to live my life (social media, Real Housewives…is that sad?), while pursuing a field that has captured my heart since I was a little girl. To those students at the career seminar and to YOU reading this (you didn’t fall asleep yet, did you?), I want to tell you to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. Whatever you do in life, whether it be medicine, teaching, cooking, whatever, believe in it. With all of your heart. If it is your passion, if you wake up in the morning excited to chase that dream, all of this will be worth it. The schooling, the long hours, the parties and dinners you miss with friends because you have ‘just too much to do’…IT IS ALL WORTH IT. Wow. Was this too emotional for a blog post? Oh well. Back to school is finally here, so let’s chase those dreams!