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Shout Outs From Athletes - February 8, 2017

“Professor Lubin has great determination to get students to engage in learning at a higher level. He stays close to the athletics teams and always shows great school spirit. I appreciate this a lot since I am a member of the Rosemont Men’s Soccer team. He is also very nice and always says hello to you with a smile.”
-Tom McElroy, Men’s Soccer
“I love Chef Larry; his enthusiasm makes my lunch every day! I always look forward to going to Cardinal Hall, even if sometimes it’s just to hear what type of specialty pizza he’s made!”
-Tyler Winter, Men’s Soccer
Dante in Cardinal Hall is a professional. He really gets to know the students that he makes omelets for in the mornings - he has a great memory and can make you an omelet just like the one you ordered the day before without even asking you what you had in it! I think this is a great trait to have.
-Nick Tortorella, Men’s Soccer
“Professor Ringgold is really nice and caring. He goes out of his way to help people. I’d even say he’s the best professor I’ve ever had”
-Itay Levy, Men’s Basketball
“Prof. Ringgold is a good teacher who is understanding of his students and will also help you understand any topic better than you already do.”
-Emily Johnston, Women’s Soccer
“Mrs. Karen has been around since I’ve been at the college. She is always up for good conversation and EVERYBODY loves her- she definitely is someone that people talk about when reminiscing on their freshman year in Kaul Hall.”
-Luca Difranco, Men’s Soccer/Men’s Tennis
“Prof. Enterlin has made the classroom environment really welcoming and is always readily available to help students understand topics which may be difficult to grasp.”
-Victoria Kasper, Women’s Soccer/Women’s Lacrosse
"Rudy Wise is a good mentor and hs great connections. He was always ready to give a helping hand and even though he has progressed in his coaching career, he is still always around to support the men’s basketball team
-Charles Presley and C.J. Wolfe, Men’s Basketball
“I appreciate Travis Marshall a great deal - he is always running around doing something to better the College. He is always on top of things. Even though I haven’t seen him around much this semester, it’s probably because he’s so busy, and that’s great! He isn’t ever too busy to help students out when they need or even just to say hi!”
-Jim Finney, Men’s Soccer/Men’s Tennis
“Professor Jackson completely changed my outlook on religious studies. Her generous nature and love for life made learning in her class that much more enjoyable. She is always there for her students and her constant encouragement can change your entire attitude around. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to get to know such a wonderful woman!”
-Taylor Mohr, Women’s Soccer