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Made In America-RoConnections Contest Winner

Liliana Izaola - September 25, 2017

Made In America is a huge, outdoor concert that takes place outside the Art Museum in Philadelphia. I have always wanted to go, but never figured out a way that it could happen. It always has the top performers in music and artists I listen to daily, but school comes first.

I finally got the chance to attend the 2017 Made In America thanks to Rosemont College and their digital magazine “RoConnections!” I was reading it, like I always do when a new issue comes out and one of the sections said there was a chance to win tickets and I was like, "Sure, why not?" I didn’t think I would actually win until I did! I was so surprised, happy, and grateful. I was not expecting it at all. I am so happy I am already involved with campus activities, but even happier I read and kept up to date with all things Rosemont College. It is my school after all and I wanted to know everything that was happening! It really paid off to have so much school pride!

The concert was only a short train ride away. There was a sea of people wearing red, white, and blue when we got off the train, which made it extremely easy to know exactly where to go. It also added an element of excitement. It built with each step leading up to the festival. Although it was a rainy weekend, it did not phase the energy of the people that were there at all! It was a lot of fun and I'm so happy my friend, Elizabeth and I got the opportunity to go! We danced and sang with our closest 1,000 friends. It was an amazing feeling to be in a city so close to school, living my best life, experiencing something new… all because I just am part of a community.