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A Little Love For Mrs. Claus

Susan DiGironimo - January 31, 2017

My first encounter with Rennie was when my son Frankie, who is now eighteen years old and plans on attending Rosemont in the fall, was two years old and sat on Rennie’s lap. Rennie took on the role of "Mrs. Claus," every Christmas the children of Rosemont employees would sit on the laps of “Santa and Mrs. Claus."  Little did I know then that Rennie would become such an important person to me and that the role of Mrs. Claus actually suited her so perfectly. Rennie is truly the most thoughtful person I have ever met. She is a true giver. I am constantly showered with little presents, notes of thanks and encouragement, and always presented with kind words. I am not alone. This is Rennie’s M.O. She thanks the operations men after a snow storm for clearing the campus, she donates to the library, remembers students, faculty, and colleagues’ special milestones and gives our entire department mementos every time she goes on vacation. If you let Rennie know you love pigs, whenever she sees a pig in a shop, she will buy it, tuck it away, and give it to you exactly at the right moment you need a little cheering up. Rennie’s office is always filled with gifts. She loves to wrap and make bows so the presentation of the gift is just as special as the gift itself.

This past Christmas, Rennie, and Butch put back on their “Santa and Mrs. Claus” outfits and the sight of Rennie dressed liked this brought back so many good memories. It reminded me when my son Frankie thought he was the luckiest boy in the world because his mother worked at the North Pole and could visit “Mrs. Claus whenever I wanted. Just a few weeks ago, Frankie received a card in the mail. I knew from the handwriting that it was from Rennie. She wanted to congratulate him on becoming the captain of the swim team. This, in a nutshell, is the spirit of Rennie. She heard a comment I made about my son and took the time to connect with him. Frankie is so looking forward to attending College here at Rosemont in the fall and being able to come and see “Mrs. Claus” whenever he wants.