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Know The Power

Mary Manfredi - February 2, 2017

As a Head Student Ambassador, I always get bombarded with questions on tour concerning Rosemont’s affiliation with Villanova. Every undergraduate student at Rosemont is entitled to take up to eighteen credits “across the street.” This is beneficial if a student wants to take a course that Rosemont is not currently offering. Rosemonsters are also allowed to utilize some of Villanova’s facilities, such as their library.  I’ve discussed this partnership on numerous occasions, but I never applied it to my own studies until this semester.
Currently, I am enrolled in an American Military History course that ranges from pre-colonization to the early 1900’s. As a History major with a concentration in American studies, I was eager to learn more about this material. When I walked into my first class wearing my red, white, and blue (which was obviously planned) I was stunned to find almost every seat in the room filled. Here at Rosemont, my largest class this semester has about fifteen students. My Villanova course has thirty-four Wildcats and one Raven. I was ready to transition from being a “big fish” to a small guppy in an enormous pond. I love my school, but Villanova is a nice change of scenery. I often find myself twiddling my rose ring during this class. Villanova might be a larger school, but they will never know the true “power of small.”