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First Year Students "I Am" Poems

RoCoMagazine - October 5, 2017

You are about to read poems by the First Year students in Prof. Tina Waldeier Bizzarro’s First Year Connections Seminar. The poems were inspired by author Mary Pipher’s own “I Am from” poem in her book, The Middle of Everywhere, which examines the challenges that refugees confront in pursuing the American Dream. The students penned their own “I Am from” poems for the First Year Connections Seminar, which helps them make connections to their new home at Rosemont College and to the larger world beyond.
I Am from
I am from mom and pop shops
I am from where friends become family
I am from a place where the kids get lost in the moment
I am from family dinners on Sundays
I am from summer friends
I am from shoobies and locals
I am from the Jersey Shore
I Am from
I am Corey.
I am from a broken family with open doors.
I am from lengthy practices on the hardwood floor but the blacktop is where my brothers and I built our legacy.
I am from bacon and eggs on an easy Sunday morning.
I am from Langhorne PA, where the village raises its children.
I Am from
I am from indecision
It’s so hard to make-up my mind whether it be a career choice or as simple as picking out a color for a dress.
I find that lots of things interest me; so, I have to limit myself—which is hard to do, you see.
I’m not very good at taking on many tasks at once.
I tell myself it’s better to know what I want, but also not to settle, go for it! But only if it’s worthwhile, choose wisely but always do what makes you happy.
And with all these factors in mind, I remain indecisive.
I am from anxiety
On a daily basis I am overly aware of the people around me and inquisitive about what they’re thinking, based on their facial expressions.
I find it odd that this is a concern for me, I mean so odd that I even went to therapy.
I often prep myself for the day with a pep talk; I remind myself that no one else’s thoughts or feelings can contribute to my wellness, and so I make it through the days, years, even with this simple reminder although I wish I could get out my head and fully enjoy life’s experiences.
I am proud that I push myself to step out of my comfort zone and live with anxiety tagging along.
Eventually, it will realize it has no place or space within the person that I am becoming.
I am from leadership
My mother was always a steady provider in my life; she raised four children on her own.
Most times she worked minimum wage jobs and barely made ends meet, she never complained.
I’ve learned to be like her; crying doesn’t solve anything; no one cares about your feelings.
Besides, there are greater things to care for such as social injustice or promoting world peace.
Don’t be so engulfed in your struggles, learn to cope and rise above it.
I am glad to be able to brush things off and get things done.

I Am from

I am from the most beautiful country in the world.
I am from the land of opportunities that welcomed millions of immigrants during the war, back in the 1940’s.
I am from the country with the biggest oil reserves, yet its citizens are dying of hunger.
I am from the country where socialism didn’t work and now its citizens are fighting for their freedom.
Venezuela is where I am from.
The country of broken dreams full of people escaping to find a better future.
I am from “this is not a goodbye, it is only a see you later,” while saying goodbye to my family at the airport.
I am from a house full of dreams.
I am from the belly of a wonderful nurse, and the product of a pilot.
I am a son, a brother, a grandson, and an uncle.
I am an immigrant pursuing the American Dream.

I Am from
I am from where you smell a great aroma of fried chicken from the bedroom, 
I am from where graniteware was used to cook any and every food and was even used to heat up leftovers,
And from where the most competitive household game was “Uno”.
I am from my mother's favorite saying, “You want something, you better work for it.”
And also, “ Be back in the house before the streetlights come on!”
I am from my grandmother who would wake all her grandchildren up at 5am just to be the first ones at church.
I am from where we played a football game called “ throw up” in the street,
from where you either got tackled or slammed onto the concrete; or, you didn’t play because you were too scared.
I am from the heart and soul of Philadelphia’s “ North Philly.”

I Am from
I am from Joseph and Bernadette
The second of five children
I am from “family time is all the time,”
And laughter is my comfort
I am from “I’m telling Mom!”
And “Dad said you couldn’t have that!”
I am from “You can fuss and fight at home,
But when you leave this house, you better be the best of friends!”
I am from smiles so warm they could melt the biggest glaciers,
And hugs so firm they could bind the universe!
I am from “Go to school, and do your best,
Go show the world you’re different from the rest.”
I am from family talks on politics
And conversations on law
From writings so deep you’d drown if you weren’t careful,
And equations so elaborate even your strongest Texas Institute couldn’t handle it
I am from Garrick and Sheran
Who would throw a shoe and put you in your place
Then love on you, and give you the world if they could
I am from “You better walk with your head up, and look people in the eye,”
From “This world is yours, now go stake your claim!”
I am from visits to the library after class
And staying ‘til closing
From karaoke and movie nights to celebrate the end of finals
From, “Uh-oh, school starts next week!”
I am from beauty; I am from majesty, and a whole lot of Royallty[1]
I am from “women clothed with strength and dignity,
“Who speak with wisdom, and faithful instruction,
“Their children arise and call them blessed”[2]
I am from a place where the wind blows freely,
Where the roses smile in the face of the sun,
And the ocean kisses the moon in the heat of the night.[3]
I am from grace and elegance; a true warrior at heart
With roots going back as far as Ghana;
From the Blackfoot tribe at America’s start
I am from kings and queens
Who, at some point, lost their way.
I am from ancestors who lost their lives
So I could be here, today.
I am from Grace United Methodist Church
Where lost souls seek refuge
I am from “Our Father which art in heaven,” [4]
And “I believe in God the Father Almighty,” [5]
I am from, “I’m not sure what I want to be when I grow up,”
But, although it’s overwhelming and scary, I know God is going to take care of me.
I am from this big ’ole world of people,
From all walks of life.
But, who am I?
I guess that’s for another time.
Now, forever, and always,
Bre the Writer
[1] Pun on poet’s surname (Royall)
[2] Proverbs 31:25-26, 28 (New International Version)
[3] According to IMDB, In the Heat of the Night (CBS, 1988,1995)
[4] Matthew 6:9 (King James Version)
[5] The Apostle’s Creed
I Am from
I am from arts and crafts,
from pencils and pens, to hugs and laughs.
I am from once an old and rickety home
to now a tall and beautiful home to see.
I am from the bushels of roses,
whose gentleness and beauty seem to pass right under our noses.
I am from creative minds and big brown eyes,
from video games and good morals.
I am from childlike jokes and weekly trips to bookstores
and from constant dreams of having a home down by the shore.
I am from a time of darkness yet light
which experiences have shaped me into a protecting knight.
I am from hanging pickles on Christmas trees,
but that is just part of my German and Polish ancestry.
I am from Pennsylvania--a land that I call home
From pierogies and fellow blondies.
I am from a strong and loving father
whose courage and strength overcame some of the toughest battles.
I am from the affectionate snuggles of my animal companions
whose sweet purrs and licks are something I quite miss.
I am from an institution of young ladies
who value sisterhood, service, scholarship, and spirituality
whose embrace I’ll never forget
now that I’m in a college
which will put all of that knowledge to the test.
Stephanie Green 
I Am from
I am a black male, full of potential.
I am the guy who sits in the front rows.
I am the guy who makes everybody smile.
I am the guy who is always there when somebody needs a hand.
I am the athlete whom everybody knows.
I am the lacrosse player who everybody relies on to score some points.
I am the guy whom everybody looks up to.
I am the guy who works all throughout the night just for that “A+”.
I am the guy who has problems at home, but who still works hard at school.
I am the guy whom people always see.
I am the guy who never seeks attention.
I am the guy who never gives up.
by Donté Jones