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Five Tips For Loving Yourself

The Counseling Center - January 31, 2017

In a world where college students are expected to balance maintaining good grades, becoming active at their schools and within their communities, while having social and personal relationships, and taking care of themselves with eating three meals a day and getting 8 hours of sleep- a lot of responsibility is being placed onto you!

The Rosemont College Counseling Center would like to remind you how important it is to respect and love yourself. Here are five easy tips:

  1. Compliment yourself- Each day, say something nice about yourself or something you accomplished that day!
  2. Do things you enjoy! - It is easy to get caught up in your responsibilities but self-care is incredibly important. Whether it’s reading, exercising, watching Netflix or whatever you like- do what you enjoy!
  3. Stay Positive- We all get down and out but to find the silver lining in any and all experiences can and will help you plow through the bad times!
  4. Cut out negative influences- If people, places or things bring you down: do not be afraid to end those relationships or involvements. When we are surrounded by negativity- we breed and become negativity. Love yourself enough to step away from the things that make you feel bad.
  5. Seek Counseling!- Come to the Counseling Center and seek help or just someone to talk to! End the stigma against mental illness and love yourself enough to admit that maybe you need help, guidance or support!

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