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New Adventure

Marissa Meyers - February 12, 2016

I’m currently taking a break from international travel, but I can say it is for good reason! I recently started a new job with The Moyer Foundation. TMF was started by local Phillies pitcher and World Series Champion, Jamie Moyer and his wife Karen to provide comfort, hope and healing to children affected by loss and family addiction. I specifically work with Camp Mariposa, which is a national network of camps and community partnerships to help support initiatives that share in the mission of helping children who have been impacted by addiction. If you graduated in 2011, you might remember Karen Moyer as the commencement speaker for Rosemont – the world is smaller than we know! But fear not, I’m currently tracking the flight prices to Kenya for this coming fall…stay tuned!

Even though I’m not currently planning an international trip, I recently had the opportunity to attend the National Mentorship Summit in Washington D.C. This was a great way to transition from working at the University of Pennsylvania and begin my work in the areas that I hold so close to my heart with The Moyer Foundation. The summit provided me with ways to be a mentor in my professional, civic, and personal life. The sessions and speakers also made me reflect on many of the mentors I’ve had in my life. I couldn’t possibly be where I am today without each one of them.

After getting back from D.C., I heard about the NFL supporting foster youth organizations through their game changer grant. Part of this includes the #wheniwas18 social media campaign to raise awareness for youth who have aged out of foster care. You can check out their celebrity filled video here. As a former foster youth and someone who spends a lot of time out of the office volunteering for a nonprofit that employs former foster youth, it is nice to see such thoughtfulness going behind spreading awareness for kids placed in foster care. I’ll tell you more about where I volunteer later – I can’t spill all the beans too soon.

So, do you remember where you were when you were 18? I can tell you my #showalittlelove goes out to my admissions officer, Danielle McManus (née, Degele). Danielle took a chance on me when I was 18 and didn’t know where in the world I was headed, but I knew the only direction was up. Danielle taught me so many life lessons and I wouldn’t be the woman I am today if she didn’t take a chance on me and see my true potential. I’m 26 now, but I still talk to Danielle the same as #wheniwas18. Think about who your mentor was when you were at Rosemont and #showalittlelove.