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Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service 2016

Luca Difranco ‎ - March 17, 2016

Mechanic Street, Philadelphia, PA- Rosemont College students and staff were in Philadelphia on January 18 for the annual MLK Day of Service. They took part in the “Ray of Hope” project, an initiative started in 2002 to help the urban neighborhoods of Philadelphia become cleaner, safer, and generally healthier. The students and staff helped by cleaning the streets of litter, even in the ice cold temperatures. Don't fret, their leaders welcomed the Rosemont community with hot cups of coffee to unfreeze their hands. MLK Day Of Service

While others worked on cleaning the neighborhood streets of Philadelphia. Othe students and staff of Rosemont College took part in the fun by crafting, baking, and even some hands-off activities (such as reading) with the sisters at the New Sharon School (Bryn Mawr, Pa). 

Here I am pictured with Sister Mary Ellen. She had a lot of questions for me, some which I didn’t have the answers. Luckily she didn’t mind and actually got a good laugh out of “stumping” me. Together we read up on some current events about the presidential candidates in the newspaper and even talked about Rosemont College and the Campus Ministry. Although the two of us didn’t necessarily partake in the baking, we still got to try out some of the baked goods that the other students and sisters prepared during the day. MLK Day of Service