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Rosemont Blogs

Ciao Dalla Sicilia!

Marquita Earle - June 19, 2018

Ciao dalla Sicilia, Hi from Sicily! This year, the Global Study/Seminar of Rosemont College will be held at the Sicily Center for International Education (SCIE) in Ortygia, Siracuse Sicily in the region of Italy.

tags: academics, studentlife

From Intern to Full Time Employee

RoConnections - March 06, 2018

Two months after graduation and you’re still looking for a job. By now, you must have applied to at least fifty companies, but you have yet to get a response. No phone calls. No emails. Nothing. Desperate, you check and re-check your resume, searching for errors. The education section looks great, as does your summary of qualifications. As does your career profile. You have a killer cover letter attached to your resume, along with an immaculate writing sample and glowing recommendations. What’s missing? Why aren’t companies noticing you?

tags: academics, admissions, studentlife

Lifting Our Voices...and Hearts

Jeanne Marie Hatch, SHCJ - March 05, 2018

Rosemont College was privileged, I believe, to hear the amazing work of Michelle Angela Ortiz, who embodies so graphically “what one woman can do” right here in our own city! Some students were very interested in ascertaining how to support the crucial endeavors of Michelle Angela Ortiz.

tags: academics, studentlife

Summer Service Trip 2018

Kerry Madden - March 01, 2018

The Summer Service Trip spans the entire Chesapeake Bay area. We pass Ocean City, Maryland into quiet, non-tourist shore towns that are all but cutoff from society—each town often poorer than the next. This service trip combines direct service with educational elements regarding region as well as environmental concerns and struggles.

tags: studentlife

To Be in Greece

Madison LeMaire - March 01, 2018

To be in Greece is to watch the sun set over the Aegean Sea at the temple of Poseidon, it’s orange horizon illuminating the off-white marble of the last remaining fragments of stone still standing.

tags: academics, studentlife