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Hey There From England

Joanna Listino - August 8, 2016

Ocford tripMy favorite time on the Christ Church campus is in the evening. When the tourists have departed, the breeze is cool and crisp; there is a certain calmness in the air. I like to find somewhere quiet to sit and admire the stillness. Gazing around the breathtaking architecture, I find myself imagining what it must have been like during the last few centuries when famous writers, scholars, and philosophers were hustling about campus, frequenting the lecture halls and libraries, researching and penning some of the greatest literary works that we cherish today. If only I could travel back in time, but for now, I'll just have to use my imagination... 

Since our arrival in Oxford, our crew has been out and about soaking in the beautiful sights. Personally, I most enjoy walking through town, ducking down quaint alleyways to discover old churches, pubs, and speaking with the locals. So far everyone has been friendly and eager to share in conversations that range from our current political situation, to what's new in the celebrity tabloids. Class excursions have been educational, as we've toured the Bodleian Library, Oxford University Press, and Ashmolean Museum to name a few. Our group is quite interested and inquisitive about all that surround us.  Oxford trip

When it comes to the local cuisine, it unfortunately leaves much to be desired. As a self-proclaimed foodie, it can be quite challenging to find a delicious meal. Most dishes are fried, carb-heavy, or laced with cheese and mayo. It's certainly not the worst culinary experiences I've ever had, but certainly far from the best. I can comfortably say that I won't be eating potatoes of any form for a while after this trip. The U.K. is similar to the U.S. in terms of cultural diversity, therefore ethnic meals have more opportunity to dazzle your taste buds. The next two days on our syllabus are free to travel, so last night I enjoyed an excellent Mexican meal in London. Currently, I am on the Eurostar to Paris and cannot wait to dive into the local cuisine there.
The next couple days will be spent absorbing Paris, London, and eventually making my way back to Christ Church. I am excited to continue this exciting adventure and learn as much about the history, culture, and locals as I can.