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General Education

Michael Cuomo - February 12, 2016

When I first started college a lot of my schedule was made up of general education courses and I wasn’t too happy about that. “Why do I have to take an Intro to Psychology class?” I remember asking myself, “I’m a history major! I should be taking more history classes.” Then one day in class I made a connection between a topic we were discussing in one of my history classes with something I learned about in my psychology class and suddenly everything clicked. I was able to understand the topic so much better in my history class because I figured out what was happening to these people on a psychological level. I felt really smart that day.

That light-bulb moment really taught me a valuable lesson about Rosemont’s general education curriculum and forced me to change my views of these “required classes.” They are specifically designed to give you broad knowledge of different areas of study which you can then draw on to make connections and more informed decisions. More importantly, they teach you a range of intellectual and practical skills like critical thinking, problem solving, written and oral communication, and ethics, which are invaluable to your future. Take it from me: even three years after graduating I still go back to my psychology, biology, philosophy, and trigonometry classes throughout my day. It may not always be for specific knowledge like the general idea in an essay written by Plato or how cells multiply (although you will be surprised how often you actually do reference this knowledge out in the real world), but it is to utilize the skills you developed by taking these classes. General education classes go hand-in-hand with your major – one makes you an expert in a particular field of study and the other makes you well-rounded and develops the skills needed to think, solve problems, and work together. Trust me when I say this: the well-rounded expert is going to be the most successful in life.

Rosemont’s general education curriculum is a big reason why I’m successful today.

Michael V Cuomo, Class of 2013