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'Ello from England Ravens

Mary-Kate - August 3, 2016

engladnThe Global Study trip has been amazing thus far. To be in Oxford studying and living at Christ Church College has been such an incredible opportunity. It also has been extremely humbling to be traveling with my fellow classmates and other students from other majors. 
We eat breakfast in the Great Hall (perhaps you recognize it and pDining Hallarts of campus as they were featured in several of the Harry Potter films).
Highlights have included:
Oxford Castle 
Bodleian Library 
Ashmolean Museum 
Oxford University Press
Students and faculty are very much looking forward to tomorrow when we will visit the Urban Outfitters planned site in Oxford. Hector, our tour guide and community business partner at Urban Outfitters, will take us to the two locations in London. We will also meet several top executives within the company. This is an amazing opportunity to learn from professionals. I don't know where else I would get this amazing opportunity. We are only a few days in and this trip has been so rewarding on many levels. 
Today (the first sunny day of our trip), a few new friends and I ventured up to the top of University Church and were delighted by the views that have us incredible pictures. These moments have been so impactful on my life. This trip is getting more and more excited to put my degree to great use and succeed in every aspect of my life.