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Business Programs’ Graduates

Cathie Coleman-Dickson - March 28, 2017

As we come to another celebratory moment in the lives of the Schools of Graduate and Professional Studies (SGPS) students, I would be remiss if I didn’t write about our graduates’ success as working adult learners. What seemed to some a never ending two or more years ago finally ended in an educational, professional, and personal destination.

The SGPS faculty and staff continuously offered helping hands, provided academic challenges, hailed the students on, and helped dry a few tears along the way. For many, our adult students, many who have not been in an academic setting for 10, 20, or more years, the thought of starting and/or finishing an undergraduate or graduate degree together with full-time jobs and families to take care of seems an arduous task. Yet, as Program Director for the Business, Leadership, and Healthcare Degree Programs and Global Seminars, I’ve encountered so many passionate students who persistently take class after class, some doubling their efforts by finding interesting ways to fit in classes by taking a course in the classroom, a class online and a Turbo and/or Hybrid class in the same semester - all in the attempt to get to the ‘light at the end of the tunnel.’ These enthusiastic learners are quick to tell you that they’ve “taken on more than they can possibly handle” yet persevere ever so proficiently.

So, here’s to those patient, unrelenting, passionate, dedicated and fanatical SGPS students who’ve earned our respect as teachers and staff, we commend you, we admire you, and we wish you all the success that life can bestow upon you.