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Friendsgiving 2015

Luca Difranco ‎ - November 3, 2015


As autumn comes to an end, the holiday season begins. The sky gets darker earlier and the nights get colder, but the leaves are still hanging in their burgundy-auburn, yellow, and orange skin. This sight of nature signifies specifically the first of holidays to come as we approach the New Year: Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a day to cultivate ideas of appreciation to remind ourselves of the things we hold dearly, yet sometimes overlook. The most common way to do this is through family and friends alike. It is however, unfortunate that through busy work schedules and breaks from schools that friends are separated, geographically speaking. Although seemingly difficult for some who would like to spend time with dear friends on the holiday, it was never an issue for a handful of students at Rosemont College. Hence, the birth of tradition: Friendsgiving. With miles and hours between their actual homes, students residing in dormitories such as Connelly and Heffernan hall gathered on a Sunday evening around a second-floor lounge table to express what they were thankful for and to make the most of the chance to celebrate their personal holiday together. Each student offered a dish or material (utensils, table cloth, chairs, etc…) for the evening and time was well-spent enjoying each other’s company prepping and cooking in the basement kitchen of Connelly hall. Some food that was deliciously prepared and quickly devoured featured the traditional turkey dinner atop stuffing and sided with cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes. Macaroni and cheese followed as did a special nacho recipe. Of course some vegetables were also healthily available as the menu was then topped off with some not as healthy desserts such as chocolate chip cookies, ice cream, and cupcakes with a candle to surprise a special senior on his birthday. Finally, as the evening was coming to an end, one student offered a small gift to each of his friends to help show his gratitude and love for each one. He stated, “These small twist-tie wire hearts are for each of you and are as unique and special as each and every one of you as well”. A group picture showing the diversity between the friends concluded the evening, creating the first of many memories of a tradition to thrive.